World Lit Lecture Quiz 8 (Hamlet)

false T or F: In the graveyard scene, Hamlet held Osric’s skull.
false T or F: Polonius calls Hamlet a fish-monger.
Osric He served as judge at the sword fight.
true T or F: An arras is a tapestry wall hanging.
false T or F: Finland is the country likely to attack Denmark.
Horatio He is not a regular guard at the castle.
false T or F: Drabbing is defined as drinking.
true T or F: A partisan is a tall spear.
Hamlet He/she speaks the first soliloquy in the play.
false T or F: Beating of the drums and blasting of cannons mean that the country might be attacked.
Fortinbras He ordered a proper burial for Hamlet.
Laertes This character asks for permission to leave Denmark.
Norway Voltimand is sent on mission to this country.
true T or F: In the famous eavesdropping scene, Polonius instructs Ophelia to read.

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