William Shakespeare and Hamlet Study Guide Outline

Big Deal About Shakespeare:Shakespeare is timeless because… He had become infamous through his works.
Big Deal About Shakespeare:The movie, “Shakespeare in Love”, was created in 1998… The movie challenges Shakespeare face as a playwright and as a man.The movie was set in an the Elizabethan Ages.
Big Deal About Shakespeare:The production of the movie, “Shakespeare in Love”, had a lot of things to do with… Drama rehearsalChanging of playwright, and Notable class difference
Big Deal About Shakespeare:Shakespeare’s words were used in the 2001 U.S. Senate, post 9/11 attacks, by Senator Dorgan (Deleware)… to empathize with the events that occurred in 9/11.”‘Grief hath changed me since you saw me last.’ We are all changed. Yesterday changed all of us.”
Tragedy:A Greek tragedy includes a harmartia… A noble hero with a tragic flaw
Tragedy:A Greek tragedy includes a catharsis… Fall elicits pity or terror from the audience through empathy with the tragic hero
Tragedy:Hamlet is… a nobleman striving to restore order to the world around him, but justice comes.
Tragedy:The play Hamlet is different from Renaissance tragedies because… The play begins with Hamlet’s suffering.
Tragedy:Hamlet is a story about… The downfall of tragic hero as well as politics, murder and domestic strife.
Renaissance Beliefs:Basic Tenets are… – Reason led to virtue- Order led to reason- Love was an ideal: lust was a rejection of God-given reason
Renaissance Beliefs: Ghosts are… – A hallucination- A spirit returned to perform some deed left undone in life- A spirit is seen as an omen of something dreadful (Julius Caesar)- A spirit returned from the grave by divine permission- A devil disguised as a dead person
Renaissance Beliefs: The nature of evil is… – An inherited defect (does not involve human responsibility)- Individual is the victim of fate
Renaissance Beliefs: Complexions are… – Based on the belief in the four humors- Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric, Phlegmatic – Intellectuals at that time were rather susceptible to to melancholy.
Renaissance Beliefs: Man possesses “habits” or flaws that… Overthrow reason.
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Levels of creation are… 1) angel, 2) man, 3) beasts
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Symbols of Pure Virtue is… Man’s ability to reason made him closer to the angels
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:In order for man to be virtuous… Reason has to overcome passion, grief, and “beastiaility”
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Intemperance was viewed as… The imperfect man, or moral
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:What the ghost represents is… A rejection of reason
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Divine right of kings is the idea that… The murder of a king was “foul and unnatural because the king was God’s minister on earth”
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Canonical Law said… The marriage of a woman to her dead husband’s brother was strictly forbidden
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Canonical Law is based on… The sacramental view of a mystical bond formed in marriage
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Incest was viewed as… An offense against the whole of society
The Renaissance Influence On Setting:Suicide was viewed as… A mortal sin.
Historical Context:Issues on Shakespeare’s mind when Hamlet was written (1599) are… The threat of the plague, concern over who will heir to the throne after the barren Queen Elizabeth I died, threats from an Irish rebellion and Spanish Armada, and the death of his only son HAMNET
Historical Context:1599 was significant for its… Boundless artistic inspiration
Historical Context:What motivated/inspired artists like Shakespeare were… The international events, events within England itself, personal events, young life span in England (½ of London was under 20 years old)
Historical Context:England was recognized particularly for… Having contracted marriages but intensely passionate plays, a strong queen but no heir, and mandatory monthly church attendance
Vocabulary:Old words look like modern words; example… “Unfold” in the opening scene means to open and to identify who you are
Vocabulary:Figurative Language; example… “A mote it is to trouble the mind’s eye.” – A mote is a speck- A speck in the eye is irritating and won’t give you freedom to do anything else until you remove it- The ghost is being compared to a mote- The eye is compared to the mind
Vocabulary:Root Meanings; example… “extragent… spirit”- The spirit isn’t spending too much money- The spirit is wandering as delineated from the its Latin root, vagari- Vagari: to wander- Vagari = vagrant (a wandering, homeless person)
Dramatic Terms:Setting is… A place or type of surroundings where an event takes place
Dramatic Terms:Protagonist is… The leading / main character within a story
Dramatic Terms:Antagonist is… A character who opposes the protagonist or an idea
Dramatic Terms:Conflict can be broken down into two parts: … – Internal conflicts are a problem within one self.- External problems involve the environment and other external factors.
Dramatic Terms:Five-act structure are… 1. Exposition 2. Rising Action 3. Climax 4. Falling Action 5. Denouement
Dramatic Terms:Dilemma is… A situation in which a difficult choice must be made, usually undesirable ones
Dramatic Terms:Soliloquy is… A extended narrative delivered uninterrupted and exclusively by one person
Dramatic Terms:Monologue is… – Delivered by a character while alone on stage- Reveals inner thoughts, emotions, or some other information that the audience needs to know
Themes:Revenge… – Hamlet questions to avenge his father’s death or not. – Stems from his belief in right and wrong on religious, moral and political backgrounds.
Themes:Appearance vs. Reality… – True and false friends, players assume new identities. – Claudius appears to be true and just king and Gertrude his virtuous queen.
Themes:Sanity vs Insanity… – Is hamlet insane or have clarity of thought?
Themes:Decay and Corruption… – Personal terms for Hamlet; political terms for Denmark. – Pay close attention to the references to decay
Framework:King Hamlet killed who? King Fortinbras (Norway)
Framework:King Hamlet (Denmark) is? Dead
Framework:Fortinbras’ uncle persuades Prince Fortinbras to do what? Not to attack the Danes, but attack the Poles instead.
Framework:Prince Hamlet (a man of contemplation) contrasts with who? Prince Fortinbras (a man of action)
Framework:Clasudius, King Hamlet’s brother, marries who? Queen Gertrude within two months after her husband’s death
Framework:A student in Wittenburg, Germany, Prince Hamlet returns to Denmark after learning what? His father’s death and to discover his mother has married his uncle
Framework:Elsinore is? The castle of King Hamlet

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