Why I wrote the crucible quiz

Why did Arthur Miller write the crucible? -restore social awareness-awaken the concious American mind -witnessed the mayhem of the Red Scare-needed a way to portray the ridiculousness of the Red Scare without actually writing about the Red Scare-Salem Witch Trials reflected the situation perfectly
Why do people continue to perform, read, and study the Crucible? -used today for its ability to replace the audience in an allegorically identical situation-audience starts asking questions when the play feels too similar to the current state of their country -humans will always have a need to accept society, so the crucible will always be used to wake up the public
What connections can you make between the crucible and your experiences today? Terrorism in America (post-9/11)-terrorists, like witches, can look like anyone, which introduces suspicion as a form of protection for citizens to be one step ahead-political parties and campaigns uses fear to manipulate the public to get desired results (votes) -islamophobia is not properly punished and instead perpetuated by the promotion of all terroristd being muslim (president’s character questioned because of his muslim background: hysterics) -media produces propoganda praising soldiers for the deaths of muslims (“god has chosen you to reveal the devil’s workers”)
Miller says ____ formed the crucible’s “skeleton” The Red Scare (1950s)
Who was McCarthy? Senator, Prominent leader of the red scare movement
Was the fear of Communism real or imagined? The reality of communisms growing influence creating concern was justified; the fear of it infiltrating the US to the extent of a potential domestic threat was an exaggerated fear
According to Miller, “the Crucible was an act of ______” Desparation
The Red Scare caused the ___________ to act out of character by ____________. This was a partial motivation for Miller. The liberal party, refraining from protesting the accusals for fear they would also be accused.
“J’accuse” means Expression of outrage and accusation against someone powerful.
Why did Arthur Miller feel it necessary to write the play? Miller wrote the play because he felt the liberals, who were well-known for eagerly expressing discerning opinions, had been silenced by the fear of accusal. Miller believed the ability to declare that someone or something is wrong without being concerned for one’s safety is essential.
Initially, this president said “coddling communists” was a red herring created by the republicans to bring down the democrats. President Truman
What was the House Committee on un-american activities? Led the Red hunt with McCarthy
What changes did Harry Cohn want to make to “The Hook”? He wanted Miller to change the gangsters to communists
Why did writing a play about the current time period seem impossible to Miller? Seemed impossible bc of how hard it would be to assimilate such a vast disruption in the minds of a country in a theatrical format
Who was Charles W. Upham? Mayor of Salem; published book recounting his investigation of the salem witch trials in 1867

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