Who was Macbeth? TB NB

malcolm and gillecomgain What are the names of the people who killed Macbeth’s father?
1005 What year was he born, and his grandfather become king?
scotland What country was Macbeth born?
grouch Who’s Macbeth’s wife ?
gillecomgain Who was originally married to Grouch?
lulach Who’s Macbeth’s stepson?
duncan When Malcolm II died, who became king?
thorfinn Who beat Duncan and his nephew, Moddan, when they were in battle?
macbeth Who joined to fight with Thorfinn?
moddan Who did Macbeth and Thorfinn kill in battle?
august 14 1040 What day did Macbeth defeat Duncan’s army and Duncan?
35 How old was Macbeth when he was crowned King of Scotland?
1040 What year was it when Macbeth was crowned?
17 How many years does Macbeth rule?
christianity What religion did Macbeth encourage to spread?
daughters Macbeth allowed who the same inheritance rights as sons?
august 15, 1057 What day did Macbeth die?
malcolm Who killed Macbeth?
lumphanan Where did Macbeth die?
holy isle of iona Where was Macbeth’s body buried?

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