who said it- antigone

“Only a crazy man is in love with death!” Scene 1 Choragos
“Nobody likes the man who brings bad news.” Scene 1 Sentry
“A fortune won is often misfortune.” Scene 1 Creon
“How dreadful it is when the right judge judges wrong!” Scene 1 Sentry
“Numberless are the world’s wonders, but none / More wonderful than man…” Ode 1-2 Chorus
“There is nothing so comfortable as your own safe skin!” Scene 2 sentry
“Which of us can say what the gods hold wicked?” Scene 2 antigone
“Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waver…” Scene 2 ismene
“…good lives are made so by discipline.” Scene 3 creon
“It is not reason never to yield to reason!” Scene 3 Haimon
“If I am young and right, / What does my age matter?” Scene 3 Haimon
“Reverence is a virtue, but strength / Lives in established law…” Scene 4 Chorus
“…The only crime is pride.” Scene 5 teiresias
“The pains that men will take to come to pain!” Exodus creon
“There is no happiness where there is no wisdom…” Exodus Choragos
“…proud men in old age learn to be wise.” Exodus Choragos
“And now you can prove who you are—a true sister or a traitor to your family.” Prologue antigone
“Think of the danger; think of what Creon will do!” Prologue ismene
“No one values friendship more highly than I; but we must remember that friends made at the risk of wrecking our ship are not real friends at all.” Scene 1 creon
“Her mind is a traitor!” Scene 2 creon
“I will not say, O king, that I am come panting with speed and plying nimble feet, for I had many halting points of thought.” sentry
“Yes, if she will let me say so. I am guilty.” ismene
“Then she must die. But her death will cause another.” Haimon
“I want no wicked woman for my son.” creon

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