western lit- romeo and juliet- summary of each act and scene

act 1 scene 1 servants of the capulets and montegues run into each other. they fight, benvolio appears and stops them. tybalt enters and wants to fight. capulet and montague get involved. the prince arrives and reprimands them. benvolio learns that romeo is in love with rosaline, he recommends that there are other women out there.
act 1 scene 2 paris asks capulet if he can marry juliet. he says that if he can win her affection at the party, then he can. romeo and benvolio plan to attend the party in disguise.
act 1 scene 3 the nurse reminisces about juliet’s childhood, lady capulet tells juliet about her father’s plans for her marriage. juliet agrees to consider Paris as a husband
act 1 scene 4 romeo, benvolio, and mercutio arrive at the party. romeo will not dance. mercutio makes humorous remarks about Queen Mab. romeo expresses dark ominous feelings about the party.
act 1 scene 5 romeo first sees juliet and is stunned by her beauty. tybalt rages against his presence. romeo and juliet kiss. juliet is called to her mother, and romeo learns who she is from the nurse. he is disappointed that she is a capulet. juliet learns his identity from the nurse.
act 2 prologue another sonnet. romeo and juliet can not easily meet, but their families are enemies, but their power will bring them together in some way
act 2 scene 1 romeo separates himself from his friends as they leave the party, they leave thinking he left to find rosaline
act 2 scene 2 juliet appears in a high window, and romeo admires her beauty from below, she soliloquizes her love for romeo, whats in a name? they speak and make vows to marry each other.

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