Voigt Much Ado About Nothing Act 3 Quiz

bear thee conduct yourself
presently at once
coy distant, disdainful
methinks it seems to me
fancy love, whim
the old ornament of his cheek beard
civet perfume
paint himself use cosmetics
heavy serious, grave
moral hidden meaning
knaves villians
an if
3.1 is the mirror scene to which scene? How? What are the similarities/difference? Beatrice hides while Hero and Ursula about her. Similar to when Benedick hides while Leonato, Don Pedro, and Claudio were talking about him.-Hero/Ursula and Leonate/Don Pedro/Claudio were playing were trying to trick Beatrice/BenedickDifferent because they were convincing Beatrice/Benedick that the other person was madly in love with them
What is the point to the mirror scenes? Why would Shakespeare include these two similar scenes? To represent that everyone really wants Beatrice and Benedick togetherTo make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love with one another
On page 87 (3.1.62 and on) what do Hero and Ursula think that Beatrice will do with the knowledge that Benedick loves her? They think she may find fault because she always finds something wrong with someoneThey think she may love herself too much to fall in love with another.
What does Beatrice mean when she says “And Benedick, love on; I will requite thee” (3.1.117)? That he really does love her he should keep loving herShe will love him back
How are 3.2 and 3.4 mirror scenes? 3.2- They talk of Hero being disloyal and say Claudio will shame her3.4-Margaret talks badly to Hero about makes fun of Benedick and Beatrice
What has Benedick done to his appearance that leads the other men to believe he is in love? He shaves off his beard and smells goodIn the plays shown, he changes his clothes
What information does Don John give to the Prince and Claudio? DJ tells of what Claudio will be because he says Hero is disloyal
If this information is true, what will the Prince and Claudio do to Hero? They will shame her in front of everyone at the wedding.DJ will assist them
Beatrice and Benedick have names with similiar meanings.Beatrice means ” one who blesses”andBenedick means “blessed”Do their name meanings reflect their relationship? Yes
Who is Dogberry? The head of police-master constable
Who is Verges? Dogberry’s partner
What is malopropism? The mistaken use of a word in place of a similar sounding oneBenny and the Jets
What are three malopropisms that Dogberry uses in this scene? Salvation=damnationStay him= stop himLechery= treachery
What does Borachio confess in this scene? That Claudio will shame Hero at the alter
Borachio’s name means “drunkard”. How has Borachio’s acted like a drunkard in this scene? How has he previously not acted as a drunkard? He said things that he regrets and shouldn’t haveIn previous scenes, he thought before he spoke
What is Dogberry trying to tell Leonato? Why doesn’t Leonato pay attention to Dogberry? -that he arrested Borachio and ConradeHe is too focused on the wedding

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