Vocabulary Squares Romeo and Juliet Act 5

Misadventure Definition-an instance of misfortunePart of Speech-NounEtymology-Middle EnglishSynonyms-accident, problem, difficultyAntonyms-fortune, luck, serendipityConnotation-Unlucky Accident.Sentence-An expensive misadventure in financial services.
Haughty Definition-ArrogantPart of Speech-AdjectiveEtymology-Mid 16th Century Synonyms-proud, arrogant, vainAntonyms-HumbleConnotation-Disdainful Sentence-A look of haughty disdain.
Inauspicious Definition-Not conducive to success; unpromising.Part of Speech-AdjectiveEtymology-between 1800 and 2008Synonyms-unpromising, unpropitious, unfavorableAntonyms-promisingConnotation-To be unlucky.Sentence-it was an inauspicious beginning to the long and complex entanglement
Discern Definition-to perceive or recognizePart of Speech-VerbEtymology-Late Middle EnglishSynonyms-perceive, make out, pick out, detectAntonyms- disregard, ignore, neglect, Connotation-To realize something.Sentence-I can discern no difference between the two policies
Devise Definition-to think out, plan, figure out, invent, createPart of Speech-VerbEtymology-Middle EnglishSynonyms-conceive, think up, dream up,Antonyms-Out of orderConnotation-To put together.Sentence-A training program should be devised

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