vocabulary crossword- macbeth

The night is long that never finds the Day
waved or flourished Brandished
to consider muse
to bring peace appease
special honor expressed publicly homage
a chill or fit of shiver ague
extreme ill will or spite ` malice
double double, toil and trouble
harsh criticism censures
But signs of nobleness, like ______, shall shine/on all deservers stars
evil; wicked pernicious
why do you dress me in borrowed robes
Fair is _____, and_____ is fair foul
Messangers couriers
queen of witches Hecate
extremely small in size diminutive
the ___ is free life
by the pricking of my thumb
to pass time pleasantly beguile
to have an immoderate desire for wealth avaricious
to adhere, cling or stick to fast cleave
easily perceived palpable
fills with dismay appall
freed from impurities purged
a large vessel cauldron
waits bides
___ of cawdor thane
conscience; morals scruples
the witches showed macbeth eight kings
one thing drinking provokes sleep
quickly and skillfully deftly
an obsequious follower minion
macbeth saw banquo at the banquet at the banquet table ghost
messenger hr told macduff his family was murdered ross
macduff discovered duncans dead one body

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