vocab 8 the tempest

promontory peninsula, point
tabor a small drum covered with calfskin on one end
vexation a bother, annoyance
confederate joined,united, allied
odious hateful, horrible
allaying put to rest,
prate chatter, prattle, babble
scurvy worthless, diesese caused by lack of vitamin c
ebb retreat, recead
enmity hostility, hate
supplant displace, oust
expeditious speedy, quick, prompt
endow to award, donate, give, bestow
auspicious favorable, promising, positive, fortunate
dolor mental suffering, anguish
insolent impudent, rude,
blasphemous profane, sacrilegious, offensive
wanton malevolent, malicious, cruel
diligent hardworking, attentive
surfeit excess, surplus, flood
sanctimonious self righteous, smug
penitent repentant, contrite, sorry
precept principle, rule teaching
usurp appropriate, seize, take
perfidious disloyal, treacherous
perdition hell, purgatory, punishment

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