Vinny Romeo and Juliet

Prologue What is the opening speech that tells about the play that the chorus delivers or says.
Who delivers the prologue? The chorus delivers the prologue.
What kind of lovers are Romeo and Juliet? Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers.
Why is Romeo sad in the beginning of the play? Romeo is sad because he is heartbroken over Rosaline before he meets Juliet at the party.
Where does he meet Juliet? He meets Juliet at the Capulets’ party.
Does Juliet’s father want Juliet to marry Romeo? No, he wants her to marry Paris.
What is the fight between the families called? The fight is called feud.
Who killed Romeo’s friend Mercutio? Fiery Tybalt killed Romeo’s friend Mercutio
Who did Romeo kill because he was upset about his friend? Romeo killed Tybalt.
What punishment did the prince give Romeo? The Prince banished Romeo.
What is banishment? It means you have to leave town and not come back.
What happened to Romeo and Juliet? They died because they were in love and acted without thinking.
What good came out of Romeo and Juliet dying? The good that came out of Romeo and Juliet dying is that the feud between the families was ended.
What was Della’s prized possession in thr Gift of the Magi? Della’s prized possession was her long beautiful hair
What was Jim’s prized possession? Jim’s prized possession was his watch that had no chain.
What did they do? They gave a special gift of love from their hearts.
Are Della and Jim rich? They are rich in love, but poor in money
What did Della do to afford Jim’s watch chain? She cut off her hair and sold it.
What can we learn from Romeo and Juliet? We can learn that we should take our time and think before making big mistakes.
What adults both help and hurt Romeo and Juliet? The Nurse and The Friar both help and hurt Romeo and Juliet because they butt into their business,but mean well.

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