Unknown LOTF chapter 1

What is “the scar”? Why does Golding choose that word? The scar Golding referred to in the “cut” in the Earth from the plane crashing. He calls it a scar because the boys here will never forget their time on the island. It’s a constant reminder of the crash and the events that occurred while they were there.
How did the boys end up on the jungle island? The plane the boys were in crash landed on the island. (The author leaves some implication the plane was shot down, but it is never clearly stated.)
Describe Ralph’s physical features and also his reaction to being on the island. List at least 3 attributes. Golding describes Ralph as being pale, taller in relation to piggy, as well as thinner. He has broad shoulders and is “built like a boxer.” Ralph is excited about being on the island because there are no adults. Ralph is a natural born leader, well educated, and responsible.
How is Ralph unfriendly to Piggy? Ralph teases him by calling him “Piggy”, an old nickname he hated and by not taking him seriously.
Sunlight is described as being on Ralph’s face during Chapter 1. Why might this be important? What does light represent? What does darkness represent? Light is a sign of purity and this may be the author showing the reader that Ralph is good and still innocent. While darkness tends to be a sign of darkness and evil, as long as a loss of innocence.
Describe Piggy’s physical features and also his reaction to being on the island. List at least 3 attributes Golding describes Piggy as being short and fat with thick glasses. He has asthma so things that require athleticism are not for him. This makes him the weakest link, physically. “Nobody knows we’re here and we’re on an island. The people at the airport are dead. We need to find the others.” He is most worried about finding a solution to get off the island using logic and critical thinking. Piggy yearns for acceptance among his peers, especially Ralph.
In what ways does Piggy demonstrate leadership qualities? In what ways is Piggy lacking leadership qualities? Piggy shows many skills of a leader. He is very intelligent and insightful. Piggy is always using forward, as well as, critical thinking to solve problems. He has humility and is understanding. While on the other hand he is lacking confidence and he does not have the ability to make a strong fist impression, like Ralph.
How does Ralph respond to Piggy’s practical suggestions to have a meeting?
How does Ralph think they will be rescued? Ralph thinks the Navy will rescue them from the island. “The Queen has a room full of maps with every island in the worlds marked on them, including this one and the Navy will be searching for us and they will send a ship for us.”
What had Piggy overheard the pilot saying? Piggy hears the pilot say something about an atom bomb and that everyone at the airport is dead.
How does Ralph get the attention of the other boys on the island? What does he do? Ralph and Piggy find a conch shell on the beach and when Ralph blows into it, with instructions from Piggy, boys start appearing from the trees.
How do the younger boys act when they get there? The younger boys are obedient and they wait patiently like the were for the megaphone men.
Describe the way Jack and his band of choirboys looked as they came toward the assembled group.
Why do the make one leader and not a council of three? How could that be a problem later?
What conflict soon arises? How is it solved?
How does Jack treat the others? Jack treats the others as if they are less than him. He believes he is superior. He thinks he should be obeyed by others.
What does Ralph do to make Jack feel better? What is compromised?
Why doesn’t Jack kill the pig? Why is this incident ominous? What is the main emotion Jack feels?
The purpose of the expedition of Jack, Ralph, and Simon? This expedition was to see if they were really on an island.
Ralph has the Conch, what does Jack have? How is that effective? What does the Conch symbolize? What does Jack’s possession symbolize?
What excites them on the expedition? What do they do on the way to the top? What about this expedition makes it less than innocent kid stuff?
How does Simon describe the unusual buds on the bushes?

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