ULTIMATE HAMLET STUDY GUIDE (Answers based on book)

Conceit Imagination
Hecuba Allusion
“Am I a coward? Who calls me villain?” Rhetorical Question
“Who does me this ha swounds I should take it cannot be but I am pigeon livered and lack gall” Litote
pigeon-livered and lack gall Alliteration
I should have fatted all the region kites with this slaves offal bloody bawdy villain Sarcasm and self deprication and resolve
I’ll catch the conscience Alliteration
The plays the thing. Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king COUPLET
Vulcans stithy Allusion/ simile
Brutus killed me Foreshadowing&allusion
Father died within two hours Hyperbole
The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom Allusion
I will speak daggers to her Metaphor
How in my words somever she be shent, to give them seals never, my soul, conset Couplet
‘Tis meet that some more audience than a mother Remember this quote
“It hath the primal eldest curse upon’t-a brother’s murder” Allusion to Abe in the Bible
Effects Benefits
Offenses gilded hand Personification
“May one be pardoned and retain th’ offense?” Rhetorical
What the king got? 1) to be king2) Gertrude 3) ego (ambition)
What then? What rests? What can it not? Rhetorical
“O bosom black as death” Simile
O limed soul Limed = Trapped and apostrophe
Sinews Apostrophe
“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. / Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” Couplet
Custom Habit
Dicers Gamblers, lier, simile
Jove himself Hyperions curls Mars to threaten Allusion
An eye like mars… station like the herald mercury Simile
Here is your husband like a mileages ear Simile
Have you eyes Rhetorical
Else could you not have motion but sure that snese Personification
Sense is appoplexed Kiasmus,?
Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight Apostrophe, ellipses, implies
hoodman-blind Rhetoric
“What devil was’t that thus hath cozened you at hoodman-blind? Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight, ears without hands or eyes, smelling sans all, or but a sickly part of one true sense could not so mope. O shame, where is thy blush? Rebellious hell, if thou canst mutine in a matron’s bones, to flaming youth let virtue be as wax and melt in her own fire. Proclaim no shame when the compulsive ardure gives the charge, since frost itself as actively doth burn, and reason panders will.” Deductive reasoning
“O shame, where is the blush!” Apostrophe, rhetorical
Since frost itself as actively forth burn Apostrophe
Coinage Made up in ur brain
Ectasy Madness
Which madness would gambol from Personification
The ulcerous place Metaphor
Repent what’s past, avoid what’s to come Parallelism
Hugger-mugger Secretly & hastily
The nothings more than matter Nonsense
Laertes believes 1) he has more reason for revenge of Ophelia’s craziness2) Ophelia’s madness is more than he can bear3) She is still making some sense4) She is making something beautiful even from tragedy
Pass 9: or are you like the pacing of a sorrow Simile
Pass 9: A face w out a HEART Metonomy
Pass 9: a FACE w out a heart Synecdoche
9 “And nothing is at a like goodness still / for goodness, growing to a plurisy / dies in his own too much…” What is Claudius saying about goodness? Goodness is not indefinite
9 That hurts by easing Paradox
9 To cut his throat in th’ church Irony
9 No place should murder sanctuarize Church can’t protect hamlet
9 Foils Sword
9 unction Poison
9 “A chalice for the nonce, whereon but sipping, if he by chance escape your venom’s stuck, our purpose may hold there. (Page 166, lines 159-160) Circumspect
9 Ophelia died Holding flowers, mermaid like, floating down river, singing songs
Pass 10: the skull makes hamlet realize That no matter how much make up u put on we all end up the same (skull)
Alexander Allusion
“Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay, might stop a hole to keep the wind away” o that that earth which kept the world in awe… Deductive reasoning
Doubtful suspicious
For Instead
“I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet’s wife” Irony
Histrionic Someone who is hysterical (has hysterical behavior)
What are Hamlet and Laertes fighting over Who loved Ophelia more
Did laertes ever say that hamlet was the reason for Ophelia’s death No
Laertes tone Philisophical
What is hamlet mad w Laertes -he’s exaggerating-claiming that he loved Ophelia more
Passage 11: clause subject I (First person)
Pronoun “it” Refers to what hamlet learned (penmanship)
3 reasons Claudius should die 1) killed king2) married his mother 3) got in the way of Hamlet being the king4) ruined Hamlets life
Passage 12: set me the stoops of wine upon that table Alliteration, imperative
Better breath Alliteration
Let the kettle to the trumpet speak Personification
The cannons to the heavens the heaven to earth Parallelism
Springe Trap
He is justly served Pun
Death is strict in his arrest Personification

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