twelfth night test

When was Shakespeare born? 1564
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford on Avon
Who did Shakespeare marry and how much older was she than him? Anne Hathaway, 9 years his senior
How many children did Shakespeare have? 3
Which child of Shakespeare died at a young age? Hamnet
What was Shakespeare’s theater? the Globe Theatre in London
How did Shakespeare become famous? He got his fame as a playwright, actor, and poet and was the co-owner of the theatre
How many people did the Globe Theatre seat? 3000
What are the characteristics of an Elizabethan comedy? a lighthearted tone, mistaken identities, multiple plot lines, use of puns, clever fool or servant, conflict between propriety and debauchery, young lovers who overcome an obstacle, a happy ending
loves Olivia, loved by Viola Orsino, Duke of Illyria
a rich countess, loved one of the Duke’s servant Olivia
loves the Duke, page to Orsino, twin sister of Sebastian Viola
twin brother of Viola, Roderigo Sebastian
Olivia’s uncle, a drunkard Sir Toby Belch
suitor for Olivia’s hand in marriage, a foolish man Sir Andrew Auguecheek
the clown Feste
Olivia’s steward, a vain and pompous main Malvolio
servant of Olivia, her lay in waiting Maria
friend of Viola, helps her disguise herself sea captain
aristocrats in Olivia’s court Valentine and Curio
an aristocrat in the Duke’s court Fabian
What kind of comedies inspired this one? Italian comedies
What are the major themes of this play? appearances do not always reflect reality, role playing is a part of society, love often resembles madness
a reoccurring idea in a work of literature motifs
What are some of the motifs in this play? fools/madness, deceptions/illusions, role-playing/disguises, inversion of normal order, fleeting nature of love and beauty, concealed love, letters/messages
If music be the food of love, play on metaphor, Orsino
Like Arion on the dolphin’s back simile, Orsino
Words are very scary rascals personification
a statement that appears contradictory but contains truth paradox
“Than love that would seem hid: love is night’s moon” paradox
a term or phrase that is apparently self-contradictory oxymoron
“sweet pangs” oxymoron
What character agrees to help Viola dress as a boy? the sea captain
What object does Antonio give Sebastian and why? his purse so he can go buy a toy
What does Orsino do when Cesario reveals his/her true gender? he wants her to marry him
“Fool, there never was a man so notoriously abused. I am as well in my wits, fool.” Malvolio
What does the fool’s final song suggest? things will happen but life goes on. In a way, life is full of absurdities that we have no control over
Who is Sir Topas? the priest that Feste, the clown, dresses up as
What is Antonio’s nickname? Roderigo
“No, madam, he does nothing but smile. Your ladyship were best to have some guard….” Maria
Who is on their way to be married at the end of Act 4 scene 3 Sebastian and Olivia
When does Olivia fall in love with Cesario? when he goes to her house to convince her to fall in love with Orsino
Why does Olivia release Malvolio from prison? she needs him to find the sea captain who knows where Olivia’s clothes are hidden
“For women are as roses, whose fair flower. Being once displayed….” Orsino
How long does Olivia intend to mourn? 7 years
What is the setting for the story? Illyria
Who of Olivia’s family died (who she is mourning)? her brother
Why do Toby and Andrew have head wounds? Sebastian beat them up
Why did Olivia think Malvolio was mad? He was smiling all the time when she told him not to, he was cross-gartered, and was wearing yellow stockings, he was being rude to the servants
“He thinks by the letters that though wilt drop, that they come from my niece…” Sir Toby
“Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness” Viola
Who plans on killing Viola at the end of the play? Orsino

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