Twelfth Night & She’s The Man

What does Viola think happened to her brother and her brother think what happened to her? Viola believes her brother is dead, and her brother thinks the same about her.
When does Olivia fall in love with Viola? Viola, as Sebastian, goes on a quest to tell Olivia about the Duke’s love for her.
Who is Malvolio in the movie? Malcom’s Tarantula and himself.
What does Maria trick Malvolio into thinking? That Olivia loves him.
Cesario in the play Viola disguised to look like Sebastian.
Who tells Viola that she is her enemy? Toby through a letter that Andrew wrote.
How does Viola escape the fight? The sailor that has been accompanying Sebastian breaks up the fight.
What does Olivia do when she meets Sebastian for the first time? She tells Sebastian that she loves him and marries him.
When does Viola tell everyone she’s a girl When Olivia calls her husband, and Sebastian and Duke walk into their conversation.
When does Olivia, in the movie, fall for Viola/Sebastian? They were lab partners, and Olivia admires Viola, as Sebastian, and her relevance to girls.
Why is Duke mad at Viola when she walks back in their dorm room? Duke saw the real Sebastian kissing Olivia and thought it was Viola.

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