Twelfth Night Questions

Why does Viola feel a kinship with Olivia? (1, 2) Viola and Olivia both lost their brothers
Why is Maria angry/disappointed with Sir Toby? (1, 3) Toby came home drunk and Maria had to sneak Toby in
Why does Viola have a problem being Orsino’s messenger? (1, 4) Viola is in love with Orsino
What does Olivia realize at the end of the scene? (1, 5) Olivia realizes that she is in love with Cesario
Why is it unsafe for Antonio to go to Illyria? (1, 1) Antonio has many enemies in Duke Orsino’s court therefore it is unsafe for him to go to Illyria
Orsino explains why Olivia will no have anything to do with him. What is the reason and how does Orsino feel about this? (2, 1) Olivias brother died, so she doesn’t want anything to do with Orsino
Explain Malvolio’s attitude towards Cesario when Malvolio returns the rin got Cesario. (2, 2) Malvolio has a rude attitude towards Cesario
Why is it inappropriate for Malvolio to scold Sir Toby? (2, 3) Malvolio is making things up that Olivia didn’t say
What is unrequited love and who suffers from it? (2, 4) Cesario suffers from unrequited love, love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired
What does Malvolio need to do to prove to Olivia that he loves her? (2, 5) Malvolio needs to smile, get rid of Toby, and wear yellow garters to prove to Olivia that he loves her
Why does Cesario visit Olivia again? (3, 1) To give a message from the Duke
Why is Sir Andrew jealous of Cesario? (3, 2) Olivia loves Cesario and Andrew loves Olivia
Why did Antonio follow Sebastian? (3, 3) Antonio was watching over Sebastian by following him
What is Antonio’s opinion of Sebastian at the end of act III, scene iv? (3, 4) Antonio feels betrayed by “Sebastian” (Cesario) because he acted like he had no idea who Antonio was when he was getting taken away
Why does Sebastian agree to marry Olivia when he first meets her? (4, 1) Sebastian is already confused enough, and when a beautiful, rich, mistress walks up to you and asks you to marry you, you don’t say no
Why does Malvolio ask for pen and paper? (4, 2) So he can write to Olivia
What three couples end up married by the end of the play? (5, 1) Toby and Maria, Duke Orsino and Viola, Sebastian and Olivia

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