What is the plot of Twelfth Night? In Illyria, the Duke named Orsino has fallen in love with Olivia. Sadly, she does not love him back as she mourns for her dead brother. Meanwhile, off the coast, a storm has caused a terrible shipwreck. A young, aristocratic-born woman named Viola is swept onto the Illyrian shore. Finding herself alone in a strange land, she assumes that her twin brother, Sebastian, has been drowned in the wreck, and tries to figure out what sort of work she can do. A friendly sea captain tells her about Orsino’s courtship of Olivia, and Viola says that she wishes she could go to work in Olivia’s home. But since Lady Olivia refuses to talk with any strangers, Viola decides that she cannot look for work with her. Instead, she decides to disguise herself as a man, taking on the name of Cesario, and goes to work in the household of Duke Orsino. She ends up falling in love with Orsino—even as Olivia, the woman Orsino is courting, falls in love with Cesario. Thus, Viola finds that her clever disguise has entrapped her: she cannot tell Orsino that she loves him, and she cannot tell Olivia why she, as Cesario, cannot love her. Her poignant plight is the central conflict in the play.
Who is Violia? Viola gets in a shipwreck in Illyria and disguises herself as a man (Cesario) to serve the Duke. As cesario falls in love with the Duke, he asks her to go to Olivia to speak for him.
Who is Olivia? A beautiful woman who has men falling at their feet, including the Duke who she has no affecting for. She is mourning for her brother because he is “dead” . Her father has died a year ago and Olivia has fallen in love with Cesario(VIOLA). She ordered her servant Malvolio to bring “cesario’s ring” to him so that he can come back. This abused herself, Malvolio, and Cesario.
Who is Orsino? He is the Duke, Count, and governs Illyria. He was in court for three days and is in love with Olivia.
Who is Feste? He is Olivia’s court jesters | clown. He is the only character that can tell the truth about people and he can get away with it because of his job. But then he disappears for weeks.
Who is Malvolio? He is Olivia’s steward, and he is a puritan. Everyone hates him because he is the boss. Everyone pulls a prank on him that Olivia loves him so he goes out in yellow stalkings. He is the head butler.
Who is Sir Toby? He is Olivia’s uncle. He comes home very late drunk. Him and Maria are in love. He wants to go further in the prank by locking Malvolio in a dark room and tie him up.
Who is Sebastian? Saved from the ocean by Antonio. He thinks his sister Viola is dead and he went by the name of Rodrigo for a few months.
Who is Antonio? He lies o the beach of Illyria. Him and Orsino have a bad history, and he has reasons why he can’t go to court. Antonio looks at memorials in town, even though he should be hiding. He is hiding in the elephant and he stole money from Orsino in a sword fight.
Who is Sir Andrew? He is Sir Toby’s best friend. Toby brought him to woo his niece. Andrew loves Olivia. He comes up with the idea to battle Cesario.
Who is Maria? She is writing a love letter to Malvolio in Olivia’s handwriting. She loves Sir Toby.
Who is Fabian? Servant in Olivia’s house. He is involved in the prank with Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Maria, and Feste. He does bear baiting. Comes up with the idea for Cesario to fight Sir Andrew. He backed out of the prank right after Malvolio read the fake letter.

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