Twelfth Night Character Traits

Who is Worthy Orsino
Who is Noble Orsino
Who is Sentimental Orsino
Who is Emotional Orsino
Who is Melancholic Orsino and Olivia
Who is Hard-Hearted Olivia
Who is Arrogant Olivia
Who is Self-Centered Olivia
Who is Beautiful Olivia
Who is Proud Olivia
Who is Wilful Olivia
Who is Easily Infatuated Olivia
Who is HighBorn Olivia
Who is Mourning Olivia
Who is a True Heroine Viola
Who is a Great Mind Viola
Who is Witty Viola and Feste
Who is Fun Viola
Who is Genuine Viola
Who Suffers From a Deep-Silent-Patient Love Viola
Who is Honest Viola
Who is Trustworthy Viola
Who is Handsome Sebastian
Who Easily Falls In Love Sebastian
Who is a Minor Character, But Key to Plot Resolution Sebastian
Who is a Source of Much Confusion Sebastian
Who is Loyal Antonio
Who is Defensive Antonio
Who is a Great Sword Fighter Antonio
Who is a Devoted Friend Antonio
Who is a Shameless Beggar Feste
Who is Insightful Feste
Who has Intellectual Agility Feste
Who is Superior in Mind to Those Superior to Him in Rank Feste
Who is Loveable Feste
Who is Content Feste
Who is Free Feste
Who is Wise Feste
Who is Source of All Music Feste
Who is Self-Important Malvolio
Who is Rude Malvolio
Who is But Capable Malvolio
Who is Butt of The Joke Malvolio
Who is Vain Malvolio
Who is Argues Well Malvolio
Who is Thought of as Worthy by Olivia Malvolio
Who is Honourable Malvolio
Who is Accomplished Malvolio
Who is Educated Malvolio
Who is A Gentleman Malvolio
Who is a Drunken Lout Sir Toby
Who Lies Sir Toby
Who Abuses Sir Andrew Sir Toby
Who is Uneducated Sir Andrew
Who is Feeble Minded Sir Andrew
Who Can’t Dance Sir Andrew
Who Can’t Sword Fight Viola and Sir Andrew
Who Can’t Understand Literature or Math Sir Andrew
Who is a Silly Gentleman Sir Andrew
Who is a Source of Much Comedy Sir Andrew
Who is Easily Taken Advantage Of Sir Andrew
Who Thinks He Actually Has A Chance With Olivia Malvolio and Sir Andrew
Who has a Keen Wit in Contrast To Toby And Andrew Maria

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