Twelfth Night by Act 1

With whom is Duke Orsino in love with? Olivia
Where has Valentine been? Why? trying to reach Olivia to profess Orsino’s love for her.
Why won’t Olivia receive Valentine? Olivia’s stuck in mourning for her brother’s death and wishes to not see anyone for 7 years
According to Orsino, how is Olivia likely to treat the man with whom she falls in love? He believes her mind and heart will be ruled by one man alone – Orsino
What seems to be wrong with the nature of the Duke’s love? More in love with love, not Olivia
Where is Viola in scene 2? Illyria
What happens to her in scene 2? She survives a shipwreck but believes her brother has died
What hope does the Captain give her regarding her brother, Sebastian? Her brother survived the shipwreck too
What is Viola’s plan? What purpose will the plan serve? What does this tell you about her character? To conceal her identity until the time is right to identify herself.
Who is Sir Toby? Olivia’s alcoholic uncle
Who is Maria? Olivia’s servant
What does Maria reveal about Olivia’s concerns regarding Sir Toby? Olivia does not like Sir Toby drinking and coming home late at night
Who is Sir Andrew Aguecheek? A knight whom is Sir Toby’s drinking/partying buddy and is also trying to woo Olivia.
What is the purpose of Sir Andrew’s visit? Why is he thinking about leaving? Olivia is showing no interest in him.
Who is Cesario? Viola dressed up as a man
Describe the relationship between Orsino and Cesario They are very close friends. Orsino has shared many secrets with Cesario during only 3 days.
How will Cesario be rewarded if “he” wins Olivia for the Duke? All of the Duke’s wealth will be shared with Cesario
How does Cesario feel about courting Olivia for the Duke? Cesario doesn’t like it because she’s in love with Orsino
Why is Olivia angry at the Fool? She finds him boring and he was missing for a little while
How does the Fool regain favour with Olivia? By showing her that’s she’s a fool
Who is Malvolio? What kind of person is he? Steward of Olivia’s household. He’s a puritan.
How difficult is it for Cesario to get to see Olivia? not very difficult
What impression does Cesario make on Olivia? Olivia is falling in love with Cesario

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