Time Compression in Romeo and Juliet

Sunday: 1: Fight scene2: Party3: meets Juliet 4: Paris asks to marry Juliet
Monday: 1: Romeo asks for Juliet’s hand2: the nurse is sent to get details3: they get married
Tuesday: 1: Tybalt and Mercutio’s death2: Romeo is banished 3: Romeo is dramatic in the Frair’s cell4: The nurse gives him a ring5: marring Juliet on Thursday 6: Romeo comes to see her7: she goes to confession 8: get anesthesia 9: wedding is changed to Wednesday 10: Juliet drinks anesthesia
Wednesday: 1: Juliet is found “dead”2:funeral is in the evening
Thursday: 1: Romeo gets poison 2: Romeo goes to see Juliet 3: Paris is killed4: Juliet wakes up5: she kills herself 6: the police come 7: Frair spills the beans8: lady Montague dies
Friday: 1: Funeral2: Fight between families end

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