Things Fall Apart test (chapters 1-7)

Why was Okonkwo famous? Because he threw The Cat.
Describe Unoka. Okonkwo’s father. Lazy, always playing the flute or drinking palm-wine. He owed debt to everyone in Umuofia.
Why had the men of Umuofia called a meeting? Because people in the village of Mbaino killed the wife of an Umuofian.
Where does the story take place? Umuofia, Nigeria
What influence did the oracle have on decisions made in Umuofia? It decided if the village went to war.
What were Okonkwo’s greatest fear & greatest passion? His greatest fear was to be seen as weak, & his greatest passion was to hate everything that his father had loved.
What upset Okonkwo most about his son, Nwoye? That he was lazy, like Unoka.
What did Okonkwo bring home from his trip to Mbaino? Ikemefuna.
How did Okonkwo begin his prosperous career? When he went to the richest man in the village and asked for yam seedlings.
How did Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo’s family? He tried to run away at first, but eventually he got comfortable and even called Okonkwo “father”.
What unheard of thing did Okonkwo do during the Week of Peace? He beat his 2nd wife for getting her hair done instead of cooking.
How did the people view yams? They were the “king of crops” and only men were allowed to plant and harvest them.
Describe the Feast of the New Yam. The strongest men in the village dance through fire and there is a big feast to celebrate the new planting season.
Who was Okonkwo’s favorite child, and what did he often say about the child? Ezinma. That she should have been a boy.
What unacceptable thing did Okonkwo do just before the Feast of the New Yam? He shot at his 2nd wife.
Who was Chielo, and why was she important? She was Ekwefi’s best friend and called Ezinma “my daughter”. She was also the priestess of Agbala.
What sport did the villagers enjoy watching during their feasting? Wrestling.
What influence did Ikemefuna have on Nwoye? He acted like his older brother and he made him less lazy.
How did Okonkwo feel about Ikemefuna’s influence on Nwoye? He was inwardly pleased, but didn’t show it because he never outwardly showed any emotion other than anger.
How did the villagers feel about the coming of the locusts and what did they do about it? They were happy. They went out at night and gathered them to eat them.
What did the village decide to do with Ikemefuna? The oracle told them to kill him.
Who struck the last blow to Ikemefuna, and why? Okonkwo. Because he was afraid of being thought of as weak.

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