Things Fall Apart: Study Questions Chapters 14-25

Where did Okonkwo take his family to live? He took them to live with his mother’s kinsmen in Mbanta.
How did Okonkwo feel about his circumstances? He thought his personal god or chi was not meant for great things. He was feeling despair.
Why did Uchendu talk to Okonkwo about the Mother Supreme? He wanted Okonkwo to realize that his despair was not that great, and that he owed it to his family to comfort and support them. He told Okonkwo not to refuse comfort in his mother’s homeland, or he would displease the dead.
Who came to visit Okonkwo during the second year of exile, and why? Obierika came to bring Okonkwo news of the village and money from the yam crop he was tending until Okonkwo returned home.
Briefly retell the story of the destruction of Abame. A white man riding an iron horse had come to the village. The elders killed the man and tied his iron horse to their sacred tree. A few months later, three white men came, saw the iron horse and left again. A few weeks later, on market day, the white men surrounded the market and killed all of the people there.
What was Obierika’s reaction to the story? He said he was afraid because he had heard other stories about white men with powerful guns who took men away as slaves.
What event did Obierika describe on his next visit, two years later? The missionaries had come to Umuofia. They had built a church, won convers, and were sending evangelists to surrounding villages
Who had Obierika found among the missionaries? He found Okonkwo’s son, Nwoye.
What was the iron horse? It was a bicycle
Where did the missionaries in Mbanta build their church, why were they given that particular piece of land, and what happened to them? The villagers gave the missionaries land in the Evil Forest, because they didn’t really want them, and they thought the missionaries would decline the offer. When the missionaries were alive and well when the villagers expected them to be dead, they won more converts.
What was it about Nwoye’s actions that disturbed Okonkwo so much? He was concerned that Nwoye and his other male children would abandon their ancestors. He pictured himself and his fathers waiting in vain for worship and sacrifice.
What group wanted to be admitted to the Christian church, and what happened? the osu or outcasts wanted to be admitted. Mr. Kiaga agreed on the condition that they shave their long tangled hair. They did so and survived and became strong proponents of the faith.
Describe the incident with the sacred python. the sacred python was the most revered animal in the area. It was thought to be the emanation of the god of water. No one had ever even thought of killing it. One of the former outcasts now a Christian had allegedly killed the sacred python, although it was never proved. The elders decided to ostracize the Christians. Soon after this decision, the alleged killer died, and the clan agreed not to bother the other Christians.
What did Okonkwo do before he left Mbanta when his exile was ended? He held a great feast to thank his mother’s kinsmen for their hospitality.
What was the one elder’s message to those at the feast? He told them he feared for their generation because they didn’t understand how strong the bonds of kinship should be. He was concered because they had let this strange religion start to break apart their clans.
How did Okonkwo feel about his return to the clan? he knew that he had lost a lot of ground, but he was determined to return with a flourish, and regain the lost time.
What message did Okonkwo give to his sons and daughters after Nwoye left the family? He told his sons if they were going to be weak and follow Nwoye, they should do it while he was alive. If they turned against him after he died, he would return and break their necks. He asked his daughters to wait until they returned to Umuofia to marry.
Describe the changes that had come to Umuofia in the seven years that Okonkwo was in exile. The Christian church had many converts. The white men had brought a government and built a court. The new prison was full of men who had broken the white men’s laws.
Okonkwo asked Obierika why the people had lost their power to fight. What was Obierika’s reply? He said that too many of their people had joined with the white men in their religion and in upholding their laws. The white men managed to divide the clans and they were falling apart.
How did many of the other villagers feel about these changes the white men brought? They liked the trading store and the resultant money that was coming into Umuofia. They were also starting to think that the religion had some substance.
What was Mr. Brown’s conclusion about the religion of the clan? How did he act to gain converts? He decided a frontal attack would not work. Instead, he built a school and a hospital. When the people began seeing results from their schooling, and had illnesses healed, they began converting.
About what was Okonkwo grieving? He mourned for the clan because it was falling apart. He also mourned for the men, because he thought they were getting soft, like women.
Describe the conflict started by Enoch. Enoch publicly unmasked one of the egwugwu, thus killing an ancestral spirit. The rest of the masked egwugwu destroyed Enoch’s compound, then headed for the church. They destroyed the church, but let Mr. Smith and the others live.
What was the result of the action taken by the egwuguw? Okonkwo and five of the leaders were imprisoned by the District Commissioner. The village of Umuofia was fined 200 bags of cowries.
How did Okonkwo feel when he returned from the white man’s prison? He was full of hate and bitterness, and wanted revenge.
Why did the men meet in the market place? They met to discuss what their course of action should be.
What event happened in the marketplace? Five court messengers came to stop the meeting. Okonkwo decapitated one of them.
What happened to Okonkwo at the end of the book? He hanged himself.
What did Obierika tell the Commissioner? Obierika said that the Commissioner had driven Okonkwo to kill himself.
What was the Commissioner’s reaction to the incident? He thought about how he could use the incident as material in his book.

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