Things Fall Apart: Part 2 Additional Questions

How did Okonkwo’s kinsmen on his mother’s side receive him? Okonkwo’s kinsmen receive him warmly. They help him build a new compound of huts and lend him yam seeds to start a farm.
Who is Uchendu? Okonkwo’s uncle, who was also the eldest surviving member from that family.
What had been Okonkwo’s greatest passion? What does it say about his chi? Okonkwo’s greatest passion was to become one of the lords of the clan. It says that he may have not been destined for great things.
Why is one of the commonest names for children Nneka? Nneka means “Mother is Supreme”. Mothers are always seemed out for comfort and protection.
What is the meaning of the following saying? “For whom is it well? For whom is it well? There is no one for whom it is well.” No one is ever pleased with what they have. They tend to measure their failures more than their successes. No one’s life ever goes smooth, or the way they want it to.It may appear that the world is against you when you measure your failure against the success of your peers. But one thing you may not know is that there is no one for whom life is smooth. We all have our day in the sun…yours may come one day. Just keep trying. Success, in my opinion is not measured by the number of times you win; but by the number of times you keep trying.
What happened at the village of Abame? What did the Oracle tell them to do? A white man had ridden an iron horse (bicycle) into the village. The elders of the village killed the man and tied the bicycle to a scared tree. Later, three white men arrived and left quickly after seeing the bike tied to the tree. Just a few weeks later, those same men returned to the village on market day, surrounded the market, and killed all of the people present there. The Oracle told them to arm themselves, because they were coming to destroy their clan.
To what is the white man compared? Where have we seen a reference — before? The white men are compared to locusts. Ironically, the white men represent the coming of the locusts from Revelation in the Bible; the village will be destroyed, and among the villagers who aren’t harmed, nothing good will come to them.
What was the result of the actions taken by those of Abame? The whole entire village is wiped out.
Consider the following statement: “…what is good among one people, is an abomination with others.” To what is Uchendu referring? What does this tell us about the culture of the villagers?
What happened when the missionaries came to Umuofia? They caused Umuofia to fall apart. They built a church and many people converted.
Who were the early converts?
Who are the efulefu? A man without title who is worthless. They were also the group of people who went to the church for refuge after the missionaries didn’t die.
Who was among the converts? Why did he convert? Nwoye; he converted because it seems to answer his long-held doubts about his native religion, specifically the abandonment of twin newborns and Ikemefuna’s death. Furthermore, Nwoye feels himself exiled from his society because of his disbelief in its laws, and the church offers refuge to those whom society has cast out. The church’s value system will allow twins to live, for example, which offers comfort to the pregnant woman who has had to endure the casting away to die of her four sets of newborn twins. Similarly, men without titles turn to Christianity to find affirmation of their individual worth.
The missionaries then go to Mbanta where Okonkwo lives in exile. How did that community there react to the missionaries? Many of them laugh and leave after the interpreter asserts that Umuofia’s gods are incapable of doing any harm.
What kind of gods did the clan worship according to the evangelists? Material/false gods. They weren’t real and they were just inanimate objects.

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