Things Fall Apart Final Test

who was Okonkwo? protagonist, put into exile
who was Obierika? Okonkwos close friend, sells Okonkwos yams so he will have money when he returns
who was Ezinma? daughter of his 2nd wife Ekwefi
who was Nwoye? Okonkwos oldest son and lazy, eventually converts to
who was Ikemefuna? boy given to Okonkwo and his village from a neighboring village, develops relationship with Nwoye
who was Unoka? Okonkwos father, Okonkwo is ashamed of him
who was Ekwefi? Okonkwos second wife, 9 children have died- Enzima is only one living
who was Ojiugo? Okonkwos 3rd and youngest wife, Okonkwo beats her
who was Maduka? Obierikas son, wins wrestling match , Okonkwo wishes he had many sons like him
who was Ogbuefi Ezeudu? oldest man in village
who was Chielo? priestess who is a widow with 2 children, “my daughter”
who was Uchendu? younger brother os Okonkwo,lives in Mbanta
who was Kiaga? native- turned- christian missionary, converts Nwoye and others
who was Brown? 1st white missionary to arrive, respectful
who was Smith? missionary who replaces Brown, strict
who was Enoch? rips mask off, fanatical convert to christian church
who was District Commissioner? authority figure, not respectful
foo-foo boiled mashed yams, plantain
yams orange potato, very common in Ibo culture
Agbala goddess, instructs on how to behave and communicate
Umuofia place in Nigeria where Okonkwo and his family live
Abame where Okonkwo goes during exile
Mbanio Ikemefuna’s home before he goes with Okonkwo
Mbanta one of the 9 Ibo villages, Okonkwos mother land
egwugwu spirts of ancestors
iyi-uwa cursed stone- ogbange
ogbange child who comes back into mothers womb after death
kotma African foreigners who work in courts as messengers
Ibo Nigerian culture
Iba form of illness, high fever
obi house or hut
chi personal god
uri celebration- day her suitor brings plan wine
efulefu man without a title
osu outcasts in the clan, mr. Kiage accepts into church

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