Things Fall Apart-Character Descriptions

Okonkwo Protagonist, well respected man in Umuofia, 3 wives, 2 barns full of yams, banished after he accidentally kills Ogbuefi Ezeudu’s son, hangs himself and he kills messenger, “Roaring Flame”,
Unoka Okonkwo’s lazy, gentle, and idle father, debtor, good flute player, scared of blood, failure
Okoye Unoka’s friend, good musician
Nwoye Okonwo’s first wife’s son, converts to Christianity after being captured by the “poetry” of the religion, renamed Isaac
Ekwefi Okonkwo’s second wife, Ezinma’s mother
Ezinma Ekwefi’s daughter, an ogbanje, or a child who repeatedly dies and reenters the womb to be rebord, Okonkwo’s favorite child, called “Salt” by Obiageli whom she has lots of influence over, “Crystal of Beauty”
Ojiugo Okonkwo’s third wife
Obierika Okonkwo’s friend, sells Okonkwo’s yams when he is gone, Maduka’s father
Maduka Obierika’s son, wins wrestling match
Akueke Obierika’s daughter, marries her suitor Ibe
Amalinze the Cat Famous wrestler who Okonkwo defeated at the age of 18
Ogbuefi Ezeudu Oldest man in Umuofia, tells news from the Oracle about Ikemefuna, suddenly dies, had three of the four titles, well respected, large funeral
Obuefi Ezuego Powerful orator in Umuofia
Ogbuefi Udo Wife is killed by Mbaino, receives a virgin from Mbaino as his new wife
Mbaino Umuofia’s neighboring hostile village, Ikemefuna’s village
Ibo Name of Okonkwo’s tribal people
iyi uwa sacred stone which links ogbanje to spirit world, solves recurring deaths
chi personal god
ndichie elders
egwugwu impersonate ancestral spirits, elders of the village
obi living quarters of the head of the family
ilo village courtyard
iba fever
Agbala Goddess of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, also means woman or man without a title
Chika Priestess of Agbala when Okonkwo was a sharecropper
Chielo Current priestess
Nwakibie Wealthy man, gives Okonkwo 800 yam seeds
seven most important number in the Ibo tribe
yam king of all crops
cowry shells, act as currency of Ibo
Ikemefuna Given to Umuofia by Mbaino, Okonkwo takes care of him, establishes a strong relationship with Nwoye, Oracle says he must die and Okonkwo slashes him down
Ifejioku God of yams
Ani Earth goddess, most important deity
Obiako Palm-wine tapper who suddenly gives up his trade
Iguedo Okonkwo’s specific village, one of the nine Umuofian villages
Mbanta Okonkwo’s motherland
Ezeani Priestess of Ani, informs Okonkwo of the punishment he must fulfill for his violation of the Week of Peace
Obiageli Nwoye’s arrogant sister who breaks her pot, friends with Ezinma
Ukegbu Ibe’s father
locusts rare occurence, come once a year for sever years then go away for another lifetime, = whites
Okagbu Uyanwa Medicine man who finds Ezinma’s iyi uwa
Uzowulu Pleads his case to the egwugwu to try and get his wife Mgbafo back
Mgbafo Uzowulu’s wife
Odukwe Mgbafo’s sister who says Uzowulu beat her severely
Umuachi Farthest village in Umuofia, Chielo visits it on her midnight walk with Ezinma
Ekwensu Evil Spirit
Uchendu Okonkwo’s uncle who receives him into Mbanta
Iweka Obierika’s father, friend of Uchendu
Amadi Famous leper with “white” skin
Abame Village who kills the first white man they see, later destroyed by whites
Mr. Kiaga Ibo missionary who was converted and controls church in Mbanta
Mr. Brown White missionary who is in charge, maintains the main church in Iguedo, gets sick and has to leave, humane, respectful, liked by Umuofia
efulefu worthless man
usu outcast
Violation of Week of Peace Okonkwo beats Ojiugo for her “negligence”
Chukwu Umuofia’s God
kotma court messenger
Nneka First woman convert of Mbanta who keeps bearing twins, not a big loss, the name is the most common and means “Mother is Supreme”
umunna wide group of male kinsmen
Nwayieke Notorious for late cooking
Ndulue Oldest men in Ire village, husband of Ozoemena
Ozoemena Ndulue’s wife, dies with him because they are “one”
Ajofia Leading egwugwu of Umuofia
Reverend Smith Replaces Mr. Brown, strict and uncompromising, stereotypical white colonialist
Aneto Kills Oduche and fled but was caught by white men and hung in Umuru
Umuru Headquarters of white men on the bank of the Niger, “The Great River”
District Commissioner Stereotypical white, calls 6 Umuofian men to Umuru for a meeting, instead he puts them in handcuffs and locks them up, talks to Obierika about Okonkwo’s death, decides to write a book called The ger which dehumanizes Africans to a paragraph in a book
Joseph Conrad Author of Heart of Darkness which inspires Chinua Achebe to write Thing’s Fall Apart
Okolo First ancester of Okonkwo and Uchendu’s family
Royal Python “Our Father”
ogwu medicine
Okeke Reverend Smith’s interpreter
Amikwu Uchendu’s youngest son, get’s married, sees Nwoye with Christians
ozo one of titles Okonkwo wants for Nwoye
Okoli Kills the sacred python, later dies mysteriously
Egonwanne Speaks of peace, weak, Okonkwo believes he is the greatest obstacle to the clan
Enoch Fanatical Christian convert, rips off the mask of an egwugwu, father is priest of the snake cult, Umuofia burns his house
Akunna Great man of Umuofia who gives his son to be taught in Mr. Brown’s school, discusses Umuofian religion with Mr. Brown
Ogbuefi Ugonna Respected man of Umuofia with two titles who joins Church
ikenga pieces of wood, Umuofian idols
Okudo Famous man in the war against Isike, not a fighter but a motivator who turned his men into “lions”
Okika Great man and orator of Umuofia who talks first at the meeting about the white men
Onyeka Introduces Okika and rallies the Umuofians

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