“Things Fall Apart” Chapters 14-19

Where did Okonkwo take his family to live? Mbanta
How did Okonkwo feel about the circumstances? He felt tired and did not enjoy work like he once did when he was young and full of energy
Why did Uchendu talk to Okonkwo about the Mother Supreme? He tells him this to explain that Okonkwo needs to be comforted by his mother. More importantly, he needs to allow her to comfort him, because suffering is common and everyone experiences it.
Who came to visit Okonkwo during the second year of exile, and why? Obierika came to tell them that the town Abame had been wiped out.
Briefly retell the story of the destruction of Abame A white man came into the town, and the Oracle said he would bring destruction so they killed him. Weeks later more white men returned, surrounded the clan, and shot and killed nearly everyone.
What was Obierika’s reaction to the story? He is afraid of the men, because of the rumors that they kidnap people and take them across seas.
What event did Obierika describe on his next visit, two years later? He says that the white men have started a church and were converting many people. Everyone is unhappy with it.
Who had Obierika found among the missionaries? Nwoye; he had converted to the white men’s church
What was the iron horse? The iron horse was a bike
Where did the Missionaries in Mbanta build their church, why were they given that piece of land, and what happened to them? They gave them their “evil forest”, because it was a gross piece of land that no one in their right mind would accept. But they did accept, and they didn’t die.
What was it about Nwoye’s actions that disturbed Okonkwo so much? He didn’t like that Nwoye was abandoning the original religion to convert to the white men’s church. He was horrified by the idea that when he died, his children may not give him sacrifices because they have a new religion.
What group wanted to be admitted to the Christian church, and what happened? The osu, or the clan’s outcasts, wanted to join the church so that they could find acceptance. At first people protested, but Mr. Kiaga stood his ground and let them enter the church.
Describe the incident with the sacred python A man killed a sacred python, which was unheard of. The clan was very upset, and in the end they decided to ostracize (exclude) them.
What did Okonkwo do before he left Mbanta when his exile was ended? He and his wives prepare a feast to thank his mother’s kinsmen for letting them stay
What was the one elder’s message to those at the feast? He thanks Okonkwo for calling them together, and that it’s nice to see someone acting like a true man should. He says the other men should follow his example and leave this foreign church that turns men away from kinship and their ancestors and gods.

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