Things Fall Apart Chapters 10-13 Questions

What is the Ibo word for “village playground”? Ilo
How many stools are there for the egwugwu? 9
What is the Ibo word for the “clan’s ancestral spirits”? Egwugwu
Who was the only woman to participate in the trial? Mgbafo: Has 3 brothers, husband is Uzowulu
What is the Ibo phrase used by the ancestral spirits to greet themselves? Aru oyim de de de dei
What was the leader of the egwugwu called? Evil Forest
What did the nine of villages of Umuofia grow out of? Nine sons of the first father of the clan
What village did the Evil Forest represent? Umueru, eldest of nine sons
What about the 2nd egwugwu is similar to Okonkwo? Bouncy walk
How did spirits address humans? Bodies
Which hand is used to touch the earth as a sign of submission? Right
What is the Ibo phrase to get everyone’s attention? Umuofia kwenu
What two phrases are said by the Evil Forest? Dry-meat-that-fills-the-mouth, fire-that-burns-without-fag gots
Who is known for their mortar and pestle? Nwayieke: Makes foo-foo
What is powdered tobacco? Snuff, out of a snuff-bottle
Who knew how to grind the good stuff? Idigo
In the folk story, what new name did the Tortoise take? All of you
What did each bird give to the Tortoise? A feather
What is the name of the Oracle? Agbala
What is the Ibo word for a “curse or oath”? Tufia-a
How was Chielo carrying Ezinma? On her back
What is the Ibo word for one of the evil essences loose on the world? Ogbu-agali-odu
What does Ekwefi and Chielo mutter about Enzinma? Life to you
What is the farthest village in the clan? Umuachi
What did Chielo sometimes bring to Ezinma? Beancakes
Who did Ekwefi marry since Okonkwo was too poor then? Anene: Ran away to Okonkwo 2 years later
What is the Ibo word for a “betrothal ceremony”? Uri
What is the Ibo word for “extensive group of kinsmen”? Umunna
Where did Obierika sent one of his relatives to buy a goat as a present for his in-laws? Umuike
What is the Ibo phrase for “the one that uses its tail to drive flies away”? Oji odu achu ijiji-o-o
What is the village of Umuike known for? Medicine
Who’s husband’s cow was let loose? Ezelagbo
How many pots of wine were brought to Ibe’s family? 50
How many children does each of Okonkwo’s wives has? Nwoye’s mother-4, Ekwefi-1, Ojiugo-1
What is the Ibo word for “drum”? Ekwe
What did Okonkwo give as a present to the suitor’s family? 2 cocks
What is the Ibo phrase for “the land of the brave”? Umuofia obodo dike
What is the full name of Okonkwo’s village? Iguedo of the Yellow Grinding-Stone
Who was the oldest man who died? Ogbuefi Ezeudu
What is the name of the Evil Spirit? Ekwensu
How many titles did Ezeudu take? 3, there are 4 in total
What is the name of the earth goddess? Ani
Where do the egwugwu reside and go to? The underworld
How old was Ezeudu’s son when Okonkwo accidentally killed him? 16 years old
What type of crime was Okonkwo’s? Female, accidental
What village did Okonkwo flee to? Mbanta, exiled for 7 years
Who was the father of the twins thrown away in the Evil Forest? Obierika

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