Things fall apart chapters 1-4 study questions

Why was Okonkwo famous? He was a successful wrestler when he was young; As an adult he was a wealthy farmer, strong warrior
Describe Unoka. Lazy; Okonkwo’s father; improvident; did not repay depts
Why had the mem of Umuofia called a meeting? The men of Mbiano, a neighboring village, murdered a woman of Umuofia, and the men wanted revenge
Where does the story take place? The village of Umuofia, Africa
What influence did the oracle have on decisions made in Umuofia? The men did not go to war unless the reason was accepted by the oracle
What were Okonkwo’s greatest fear and greatest passion? Fear- be like his father Passion- to hate everything his father loved
What upset Okonkwo most about his son, Nwoye? Lazy, not ambitious
What did Okonkwo bring home from his trip to Mbiano? Ikemefuna
How did Okonkwo begin his prosperous career? Making deliveries for a wealthy man in exchange for yam seeds
How do Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo’s family? Tried to run away, refused to eat, the family treated him well, he warmed up to them
What unheard of thing did Okonkwo do during the Week of Peace? Beat his third wife
How did the people view yams? Stood for manliness “he who could feed his family on yams all year was a great man”

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