Things Fall Apart: Chapter 2

What happened on that one night in the village? the town crier rings the ogene, or gong, and requests that all of the clansmen gather in the market in the morning
Who made an announcement at the town gathering? Ogbuefi Ezeugo, a noted orator
What announcement is made? someone from the village of Mbaino murdered the wife of an Umuofia tribesman while she was in their market
Hoe does the crowd react? with anger and indignation
Where does Okonkwo travel to? Mbaino
What is Okonkwo’s task in Mbaino? to deliver a message
What does the message to Mbaino say? that they must hand over to Umuofia a virgin and a young man
What will happen if Mbaino refuses? the two villages must go to war
Why would Umofia be a dangerous enemy to Mbaino? Umuofia has a fierce reputation for its skill in war and magic
Why is Okonkwo chosen to represent the clan? he is its fiercest warrior
Describe Okonkwo’s past victories. five human heads that he has taken in battle
What does Okonkwo use the heads for? he drinks palm-wine from the first head that he captured
Does Mbaino agree to Umuofia’s terms? Yes
What do the elders do with the virgin? The elders give the virgin to Ogbuefi Udo as his wife
What about the boy? they are not sure what to do with him
How old is the boy? 15
What is the boy’s name? Ikemefuna
What do the elders finally decide to do with the Ikemefuna? The elders decide to turn him over to Okonkwo for safekeeping and instruction
What does Okonkwo do with him? he instructs his first wife to care for Ikemefuna
Describe Okonkwo’s family. He has three wives and eight children
What does each wife have? her own hut
What does Okonkwo own? Okonkwo also has a barn full of yams, a shrine for his ancestors, and his own hut, called an obi
What Okonkwo fear? weakness
Explain his distaste for weakness. it’s a trait that he associates with his father and with women
What was Unoka called when Okonkwo was a child?What does that mean? another boy called Unoka agbala, which is used to refer to women as well as to men who have not taken a title
How does Okonkwo’s distaste for weakness relate to the treatment of his family? Because he dreads weakness, Okonkwo is extremely demanding of his family
Which of Okonkwo’s children causes shame to him?Why? his twelve-year-old son, Nwoye, is lazy
How does Onokwo treat Nwoye? he beats and nags the boy constantly

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