Things Fall Apart – Chapter 14

Mbanta Where id Okonkwo go to begin his seven-year exile?
Uchendu Who welcomes Okonkwo?
Okonkwo’s maternal uncle. Who is Uchendu?
A village elder. What is the role of Uchendu in his village?
He arranges for the necessary rituals and offerings. What does Uchendu do when Okonkwo arrives?
A plot of land. What does Uchendu give to Okonkwo?
300 seed-yams. What does each of Okonkwo’s nephews give to Okonkwo?
His vigor and motivation. What has Okonkwo lost?
His intrrupted plan to become one of the lords of his clan in Umuofia. What does Okonkwo grieve for the most?
His “chi.” Who does Okonkwo blame for his misfortune?
27 How many children does Uchendu have?
For an “isa-ifi” ceremony. Why do Uchendu’s children gather?
A ritual to determine if the bride has been fairhtful during the courtship? What is an “isa-ifi” ceremony?
Okonkwo’s discouragement and despair. What does Uchendu speaks to Okonkwo about in front of all his children?
No one. Who answers Uchendu to his series of questions?
Why a man should return to his motherland when he is bitter and depressed. What does Uchendu help all understand?
To comfort his family and prepare them for his eventual return to Umuofia. What does Uchendu advise Okonkwo?
Accept the support of his kinsmen while he is at Mbanta. What should Okonkwo do, according to Uchendu?
He may displease the dead. What will happen if Okonkwo denies the support of his moherland?
Many people suffer more serious setbacks than a seven-year exile. What is one of the points Uchendu make in his speech?

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