Things Fall Apart (Chap 6)

Using context clues, define the Igbo word to ilo. Town square; where the townspeople gather
Why is the ancient silk-cotton tree considered sacred? Spirits of good children lived in the tree waiting to be born; young women who wanted to have children would sit under it on a ordinary day
Why do the young boys of 15 and 16 wrestle first? As the opening act; to get the crowd pumped; to set the scene
Describe Chielo in ordinary life. Mom (has two kids, widow)Priestess of Agbala, the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves
Give an example of Chielo’s fondness for Ezinma. She calls Ezinma “my daughter”Buys bean-cakes for her mother to bring to her sometimes
What does Ekwefi mean when she says Ezinma is probably going to stay? Ezinma will live; children usually die before the age of six (6)
What is the most exciting moment in a wrestling match? When one is flipped; gets thrown flat on their back
How do you know that Okafo and Ikezue are equally matched wrestlers? They know each other’s next moveBest wrestlers of all the nine (9) villagesSame style of fighting
What role do the drums play in the wrestling match? It’s a message; heightens the passion of the crowd; matched the heartbeat of the ppl
Using context clues define the word Amadiora. Their god of thunder and lightning

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