themes of twelfth night

persistance to not give up(ex, Viola to keep her diquise as a man)
duty a responsibility(ex, Viola to be a messenger for Duke Orsino)
pride a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction(ex, Malvolio is full of pride)
loss the fact of loosing someone or something(ex, Olivia loosing her brother, and Viola loosing her brother in the shipwreck)
renegeance punishment inflicted(ex, Malvolio gets punished)
reunion when 2 or more people come together(ex, the big get together near the end of the play)
loyalty a strong feeling of support(ex, Antonio is loyal to Sebastian, and Viola is loyal to duke Orsino)
confession a formal statement admitting one is guilty(ex, Viola was quilty of duplicity)
propriety the details or rules of behaviour(ex, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby to not follow the propriety)
survival trying to continue to live(ex, Viola lied in order to survive)
love a strong feeling of affection(ex, Orsino loves Olivia, who loves Viola/Cesario, who loves Orsino)
duplicity guilty of presenting oneself of two things(ex, Viola disquised herself as a young man)

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