Themes Macbeth

Ambition “to be thus is nothing , to be safe “ MACBETH– says this after the crowned king.-shows how he’s still restlesstherefore showing how giving into ambition and murdering Duncan not even given him peace MORE PARANOI​D
Ambition “i have no spur to prick the sides of my intent” METAPHOR — he compares his experience to horse riding.tensions between m’s unwillingness to move ahed with plans acknowledgement of ambition means leading to dangerous path
Ambition “art not without ambition but without illness should attend it” REFLECTS LADY MACBETH’S OWN PHILOSOPHY ABOUT POWER where indivuals willing to set morality aside will rise to greatness sound judge of character
Ambition “two truths are told about happy prologues” wonders weather 3 prophecies is going to come true with eagerness he turns to this possibility shows he finds it appealing
Ambition – “tarquin’s ravishing strides” Tarquin – roman prince who raped girls shows that his ambition is growing out of controlhe is becoming more predatoryhis ambtion is stronger than ever as compared to sexual desire
Guilt “to bed to bed to bed” Final words of lady macbeth — guilt has crushed her assertive personalityno matter how much she repenst damage cannot be undone
Guilt ‘will neptunes oceans wash this blood clean from my hands” HYPERBOLIC LANGUAGE — that consequences aren’t easily undoneforver a changed man as a result of his actions later Lm hullocinates blood on hands that cant be washed
Guilt “thou hast no speculation in those eyes” M–>Bguilt so powerful that he loses the sense of reality wision or not . –seeing thingsMacbeth reveals tormented consciousness leading him to lose grip on sanity
Gender “unsex me here “ regretting she’s a woman — strip her of female traits-husband not ambitious enough–imperatives shows desperation
Gender “when you do it then you were a man “ MANHOOD – manipulating by speaking about macbeth’s manhood.if he doesnt comit this sin he is not manly enough
Appearance vs reality “is this a dagger i see before me ?” HULLOCINATION– audience see troubled state of mindsyptom of a fevered mind product of imaginationsupernatural using it as a weapon –encoureagib him to do the evil deeds
Appearance vs Reality “false face should hide what the false heart doth know” CONCEALMENT – knowing what they’re doing is wrong but need to put ,ask on to fool peoplekeeping secrets
Appearance vs reality ” borrow’d robes” clothes don’t fit macbethdoesnt fit into roleTYRANY — taking things that aren’t his has to hide his sinslooks like a king
supernatural “stay you imperfect speakers” shows Neptunes curiosityhe s in power by using imperitives roles switch @ end as he becomes submissive towards the witches shows the affect they have on people
Supernatural “come you spirits” imperative showing she has control as if calling on the supernatural –possibly possedsed by the devil
Supernatural “falcon towering in her pride … mousing owl killd it” Disruption of the natural order god getting revengeunnatural for this to be happeneing

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