the tragedy of romeo and juliet literary terms

oxymoron words with opposite meanings written side by side
character foil characters who are opposite in some ways
couplet two lines the rhyme and express a complete thought
apostrophe figure of speech in which an object or person is spoken to
hyperbole exaggerated for effect
personification give human qualites to something non-human
simile comparasion of two things using like or as
aside a statement only meant for the audeaince to hear
soliloquy long speech of a character to tell you his/her thoughs
symbolism a thing that represent itself or something else
suspense wonder what will happen next
theme main idea of the story
cliche old sayings that been used a lot
epitaph a inscription on a tombstone
irony of situation the opposite of what you except
euphemism replaces a blunt term
dramatic irony something is known by the audeance but unknowing by the characters

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