The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act 1

Prologue, lines 1-14: What do you learn about the two families from the phrase “both alike in dignity”? According to lines 3-4, what is the relationship like between the two families? According to line 6, what does the prologue say has happened to Romeo and Juliet? According to the phrase “Both alike in dignity”, I learned that the two families are alike in social status. According to the lines 3-4 of the prologue, the two families are enemies. In line 6 of the prologue it states that Romeo and Juliet die (kill themselves).
Sc. 1, lines 1-13: Explain the characters’ play on the word move by discussing which definition each speaker uses. How does this dialogue affect the mood of this scene? The dialogue makes the scene very humorous, lighthearted, and sweet.
Sc. 1, Lines 59-65: Explain how Tybalt’s actions contrast with Benvolio’s. What characteristic of Benvolio’s is brought out through this contrast? What characteristic of Tybalt’s? In lines 59-65, tybalt’s immediate action was to make the fight go on, however, Benvolio’s action was to keep the peace. It is obvious that Tybalt is a fighter and Benvolio is the pacifistic one.
Sc. 1, Lines 74-96: Summarize the Prince’s warning to the two families about their feud. In lines 74-96, The princes warning to the two families about their feud was that they must stop destructing the peace and he also said that if there is another fight between the feuding families, he will fight how how provoked them first (started the fight), and make whomever that may be, pay with their life.
Sc. 1, Lines 109-116: What metaphor is in Benvolio’s response to Lady Montague? What image does this metaphor create? what practical information does it also convey? In lines 109-116, “an hour before the warshipped sun peered fourth the golden window of the east” would be the metaphor Benvolio uses in response to Lady Capulet. The setting is revealed through the metaphor which told the reader that it is an hour before sunrise.
Sc. 1, Lines 155-167: What is Benvolio’s purpose in this conversation? Does Romeo suspect his intention? Why or Why not? In lines 155-167, benvolio’s purpose of this conversation is to find out the issue with Romeo simply for Romeo’s parent’s,yet, Romeo doesn’t suspect Benvolio’s intention since they are close friends and family.
Sc. 1, Lines 169-175: Describe the language Romeo uses in this speech to express his feelings about love. What do these contradictory terms reveal about his feelings about love? In lines 169-175, Romeo uses passion yet frustration to describe love. He feels that love is sensational,yet, love is most complicated.
Sc. 1, Lines 201-231: Explain why the woman does not return Romeo’s love. How would you describe Romeo’s reaction to his problem? what inferences about his character can you make from his behavior and words? How does Benvolio vow to help Romeo resolve this conflict? In lines 201-231, Rosaline will not return Romeo’s love simply because she chooses not to live under romance which saddens Romeo and leaves him feeling depressed. Based on Romeo’s behavior and words, I infer that he is persistent, dramatic, and impulsive. Benvolio vows to help Romeo resolve his conflict by going to the party to see Rosaline and meet other woman.
Sc. 2, Lines 9-19: Explain Paris’s purpose in visiting Lord Capulet appear somewhat reluctant to immediately give his consent? In lines 9-19, Paris visits lord Capulet with the intention of asking him for his blessing to take Juliet’s hand in marriage. Capulet, however, loves his daughter too much. she is his only daughter, shes quite young, and unprepared for marriage; he wants her to be happy.
Sc. 2, Lines 56-81; Summarize what happens in this passage. Explain why you think Romeo will take the chance of attending the party at the Capulet house. What could possibly happen if Romeo does attend? In lines 56-81, Romeo would want to take a chance and go to the party to see the girl of his dreams, Rosaline. But of course the families are still in a feud so if he does attend, he may suffer a dreadful consequence such as getting in a fight which could result in them both getting in some trouble or possibly hurt.
Sc. 2, lines 82-102; What does Benvolio mean when he says “Compare her face with some that I shall show, And I will make thee think thy swan a crow” in lines 86-87? Why is Benvolio so confident that he can make Romeo get over Rosaline? In lines 82-102, When Benvolio says “Compare her face with some that I shall show, And I will make thee think thy swan a crow”, he simply means that he will introduce Romeo to other women to help get his mind off of Rosaline. There beauty will be sure to overpower hers or make her look unappealing compared to them. In lines 86-87, Benvolio is confident that he can help Romeo get over Rosaline because there going to a party full of women much more beautiful than Rosaline, he is bound to find someone (he found Juliet).
Sc. 3, Lines 1-19: At this point in the play, how old is Juliet? When is her next birthday, and how old will she be? In lines 1-19, At this point in the play Juliet is 13 years of age, however, she will be 14 in a month.
Sc. 3, Lines 17-49: How does the nurse feel about Juliet? What can you infer about the nurse’s character from what she says and how she says it? In lines 17-49, The nurse thinks of Juliet as if she is her own child. They have a very close relationship unlike Juliet’s mother whom Juliet hardly knows and that sadly goes for her mother to. According to what the nurse says and how she says it, I can infer that she is talkative, outgoing, bubbly, extroverted, and oversteps (doesn’t know boundaries or her place:/).
Sc. 3, Lines 59-75: What inferences can you make about Juliet’s feeling toward the nurse? How would you describe Juliet’s attitude toward her mother? In lines 59-75, I can infer that Juliet is close with her nurse but sadly not with her mother ,however, Juliet does respect her mother.
Sc. 3, Lines 98-100: Explain Juliet’s reply in these lines what do Juliet’s words reveal about her character? In lines 98-100, Juliet will give Paris a chance but she can’t make promises of love. She truly cannot force love upon herself.
Sc. 4, Lines 11-22: What puns are in these lines? What do they reveal about Romeo’s mood? In lines 11-22, The first pun found is “You are a lover. Borrow Cupids wings and soar with them above a common BOUND”. The other pun found is “Under loves HEAVY burden do I sink”. These puns reveal Romeo’s mood to be depressed. It seems as though Romeo feels like love is weighing him down.
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Sc. 4, Lines 53-95: Explain where dreams come from according to Mercutio. In lines 53-95, According to Mercutio, dreams come from queen mod, the fairy of dreams.
Sc. 4, Lines 106-113: Do Mercutio’s efforts to minimize the importance of Romeo’s dream work? Why or Why Not? What do lines 112-113 suggest about the reason Romeo goes to the party in spite of his feelings? In lines 106-113, Mercutions efforts to minimize the importance of Romeo’s dreams do not work because he doesn’t believe him. Romeo wants to go to the party to see Rosaline.
Sc. 5, Lines 42-51: Explain what has happened to Romeo. What example of hyperbole is in this speech? what effect does it have on the audience’s realization of Romeo’s feelings? How does he use similes to convey her beauty in his eyes? In lines 42-51, He saw Juliet for the first time. “I never saw true beauty till this night”. He uses similes to show that there is no comparison between her.
Sc. 5, Lines 52-57: who is Tybalt? What is Tybalt’s reaction when he hears Romeo’s voice? What does he want to do? In lines 52-57, Tybalt is the nephew to Capulet and cousin to Juliet. He gets angry to see a Montague raiding his home. He wants kill/fight Romeo.
sc. 5, Lines 63-71: How does Lord Capulet react to Romeo’s presence at the ball? Why? In lines 63-71, Capulet doesn’t want to fight at his party, so he ignores him.
Sc. 5, Lines 80-90: What is foreshadowed by Tybalt’s reaction to his uncle’s command to leave Romeo alone? In lines 80-90, He will let him go now but eventually he will get his revenge.
Sc. 5, Lines 91-105: Explain to what Romeo compares Juliet in lines 92 and 101. How do other references in these line develop this comparison? Explain what idea about their relationship this metaphor conveys. In lines 91-105, In lines 92 and 101, Romeo compares Juliet to something sacred like a shrine. He believes that there relationship should be protected and that it is sacred and holy.
Sc. 5, Lines 111-117: What does Romeo’s remark in line 117 show that he realizes? what does the audience know that Romeo does not about a circumstance that will affect their relationship? In lines 111-117, He realizes that Juliet is a Capulet. The audience knows that they are from to different feuding families.
Sc. 5, Lines 136-139: How does Juliet’s language in this speech relate back to Romeo’s in lines 169-176 of scene 1? Explain what idea about love this literary device conveys. In lines 136-139, Love is not only great but confusing and painful. Love is the worst and best thing.
Sc. 5, Lines 141-142: Why does Juliet respond to the nurse’s question as she does? What quality does her responses show that was not apparent previously? In lines 141-142, Juliet is in love with Romeo. Passion and excitement.
Make a prediction. Romeo and Juliet are feeling strong passionate feelings for each other. What positive and negative choices might they make in the future? This really isn’t a prediction (Ive read r + J myself). So basically they will continue this toxic relationship and everything will go downhill from there. Juliet fakes her death, Romeo finds her, kills himself, she wakes up, finds him, and of course she kills herself.

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