The Tragedy of Macbeth By William Shakespeare (Sentences)

Withal This gift she thanks her helper _______.
Prate He was known to ______ until everyone was annoyed by his incessant talk.
Ravel She will _______ the yarn later, so she can use it in her next project.
Incardanine The _______ dress was her favorite because of its dark color.
Sacrilege The burning of the religion’s holy texts was seen as ________.
Lee The ______ settled in their cup when they drank the wine.
Scruple She had a _______ concerning the animal products in the restaurant’s food, so she decided not to eat their.
Ravin The thief planned to _______ the house’s most valuable items.
Vizard The vigilante’s ______ prevented the authorities from easily finding them.
Knell The ______ of the bells occurred every time a funeral was in session for one of the town’s citizens.

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