The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

ACT 1: What is Caesar returning from? Caesar has just return from defeating Pompey and his sons in 45 B.C.
Act 1:1 Who are Murellus and Flavius and what are they doing? Two tribunes who tell the Cobber(Second Citizen) and the Carpenter(First Citizen) that they should not celebrate Caesar and being fearful of the future Caesar.
Act 1:What do Murellus and Flavius do after the crowd leaves? They remove all the party favors and decorations from the statue.
Act 1:1 What is the feast currently going on? The Feast of Lupercal?
Act 1:2 Why does Caesar tell Calpurnia to stand in the direction that Marc Anthony is running? So Marc Anthony can touch her. Calpurnia can not have children so Caesar believes she can be cured.
Act 1:2 What is the soothsayer saying in the crowd? The Soothsayer is saying “beware the Ides of March”. (Clue: The day that he was assissinated)
Act 1:2 How does Caesar react to the soothsayer? He dismisses the soothsayer and calls the man a dreamer.
Act 1:2 What is going with Brutus? Brutus is fighting with himself because he is afraid about Caesar becoming king. Brutus is conflicted about going against his friend, but he is worried about the future of Rome.
Act 1:2 What does Cassius do when he finds out what is going on with Brutus? Cassius uses Brutus’ troubled mind to bring Brutus to his side. Cassius tells the story of him rescuing Caesar from the Tiber River and tells Brutus that he is as great as Caesar and equal of power.
Act 1:2 Does Brutus eventually pick to go against Caesar or defend with Caesar? Brutus eventually decides to go against Caesar.
Act 1:2 What does Caesar believe about Cassius? Caesar believes that Cassius is not trustworthy.
Act 1:2 What does Casca say the three shouts were? The shouts were because Marc Anthony offered the crown to Caesar three times and he declined 3 times.
Act 1:2 What illness did Caesar suffer from ? He suffered epilepsy which was also known as the falling sickness.
Act 1:2 Why were Flavius and Murellus removed from office? They were removed from office for taking down the decorations off the statue of Julius Caesar.
Act 1:2 Why Cassius ask Casca to dinner the next night? Cassuis asks Casca to lure him into the conspiracy against Caesar.
Act 1:2 In the soliloquy of Cassius, what does he say he will do to Brutus? He will put notes in Brutus’ room making him believe that the Common people (plebians) want Caesar gone.
Act 1:3 Who is Cicero? A roman senator.
Act 1:3 What strange events have been happening around Rome? A slave with a burning yet uninjured left hand, and an owl hooting in the daytime and a lion loose in the streets.
Act 1:3 What does Casca tell Cassius? He tells Cassius that the Senators are planning to make Caesar, King.
Act 1:3 How does Cassius react? He reacts angrily and threatens to kill himself with his dagger.
Act 1:3 What does Casca and Cassius agree to? They to not to allow Caesar to become king?
Act 1:3 Cinna arrives to go with Cassius to do what? They both will go to throw the handwritten notes in Brutus’ room.
Act 2:1 What has Brutus decided in his garden? He has decided that Julius Caesar must die because he is abusing his power and has came to power too quickly.
Act 2:1 What Brutus’ servant, Lucius, bring to Brutus? He bring him the notes that were planted in Brutus’ room.
Act 2:1 When Lucius goes to answer to the door, who is there? The conspirators: Cassius, Casca,Trebonius, Decius, Cinna, Metellus
Act 2:1 What does Brutus do with the Conspirators? He invites them in and then agrees to work with them in the conspiracy.
Act 2:1 What does the group discuss? They discuss inviting Cicero, but Brutus disagrees. Cassius wants Marc Anthony dead but Brutus disagrees with them.
Act 2:1 What is the final decision of the group? They decide that they will kill Caesar on the March 15 (Ideas of March) at 8 AM in the Senate.
Act 2:1 Caesar has been superstitious for a while, so how does the group try to get Caesar to the Senate? Decius tells the group he will fool Caesar into coming.
Act 2:1 Brutus’s wife Portia comes in and asks her to tell her what is wrong. How does he respond? He lies to her and tells her that he is sick.
Act 2:1 Before Brutus is able to tell her who comes to the door? Lucius
Act 2:2 Why is Caesar scared? His wife had a dream his statue was stabbed multiple times.
Act 2:2 What does Calpurnia want Caesar not to do? She does not want him to go the Senate.
Act 2:2 What excuse does Calpurnia tell him to do? She tells him to use her an excuse to not go to the Senate.
Act 2:2 Decius arrives to get Caesar but he does not want to go. How does he get Caesar to go the Senate? He tells Caesar that Calpurnia’s dream was misinterpreted. (Decius states the statue over the fountain pouring out with blood represents a new Life of Rome. )
Act 2:2 Does Caesar go along with the lie? Yes
Act 2:3 What is Artemidorus trying to do? He is trying to give a letter to Caesar naming all of the conspirators.
Act 2:4 What does Portia order Lucius to do? She orders him to go the Senate House.
Act 2:4 Portia is told what is going with her Brutus. How does she know? She was told by the soothsayer what Brutus is doing. (Same soothsayer who Caesar dismissed)
Act 3:1 When Caesar is going to the Senate what happens? Caesar sees the soothsayer and mocks him saying it is the date.
Act 3:1 What happens when Artemidorus tries to hand Caesar the letter? Decius intervenes and stops him.
Act 3:1 Caesar sits in the Senate and a man,Metellus Cimber, comes up to him. Who is he and why is he petitioning Caesar? Metullus Cimber is the Roman senator. He is petitioning to Caesar because his brother was exiled out of Rome.
Act 3:1 The conspirators have started to stab Caesar. They all continue to stab multiple times. Towards the end Caesar says “Et tu, Brute?” What does it mean? It means and you too Brutus. Caesar was shocked that Brutus was involved in the plot to kill him.
Act 3:1 Anthony’s servant comes to the Senate to ask what for Anthony? Anthony’s servant asks Brutus why had to die.
Act 3:1 How does Brutus respond to him? Brutus responds to him by saying Anthony will not be harmed and bring him to the Senate.
Act 3:1 Mark Anthony comes and asks why they killed Caesar. What is there response? Brutus tells him that Caesar was destroying the republic and had to be removed from power.
ACT 3:1 Anthony fools the conspirators into believing he is okay with the murder and asks permission to do what? Anthony asks them if he may have permission to take the body to the marketplace and show it to the crowds.
Act 3:1 What does Caesar’s wishes for his funeral? That Anthony speaks at his funeral
Act 3:1 A servant of Octavius comes and what does Anthony tell him to do? He tells him to stay for the funeral then go and tell Octavuis.
Act 3:2 Brutus and Cassius leads the plebeians to tell them why they killed Caesar. What does Brutus say? Brutus says that he was thinking of Rome more than Caesar.
Act 3:2 Anthony tells the Caesar was a honourable man and that basically turns the crowd against the conspirators. What happens afterward? The plebeians turn to riot and are mad at the conspirators.
Act 3:3 Cinna poet is walking and the plebeians find him. They ask and name and what happens next. They attack and carry his body away. They believe he is Cinna the conspirator not the Poet.
Act 4:1 What three men have come together to get revenge for the conspirators? Marc Anthony, Lepidus, Octavius
Act 4:1 What does Anthony believe about Lepidus? He believes that Lepidus is a bad choice.
Act 4:2 What has Brutus found out about Cassius? He has found out that Cassius has been not friendly lately.
Act 4:2 Why is Cassius is mad at Brutus for what? Cassius is mad because Brutus do not release his friend for taking bribes from the Sardians.
Act 4:2 Brutus and Cassius start to argue and the agruement Cassuis pulling out his dagger what happens next? Cassius gives the dagger to Brutus saying if he is such a terrible man than kill him. Brutus recants and the arguement ends.
Act 4:3 A poet than comes tells the men of the grudge but……..? The men have finished their grudge so they dismiss him.
Act 4:3 What does Brutus informs Cassius about his wife? He informs Cassius that Portia is dead. She swallowed hot coals.
Act 4:3 Brutus and Messela compares letters about Anthony’s army. What does the two letters say. Brutus’ letters: Says that 70 senators including Cicero has been put to death.Messela’s letter: States the over 100 soldiers have been put to death.
Act 4:3 Brutus and Cassius are deciding whether to wait in Sardis for Anthony and Octavius or to meet them in Phillipi. What do both sides decide? Cassius wants to wait and get his men ready. Brutus wants to attack.Cassius finally agrees with Brutus.
Act 4:3 What does Brutus ask of his servant, Lucius? He asks him to play a song.
Act 4:3 The ghost of Caesar comes and tells Brutus what? The ghost will see him again at Philippi.
Act 4:3 How does Brutus react to the ghost? He immediately tells Varrus and Claudio to go tell Cassius to take his army and mark ahead.
Act 5:1 What have the generals (Anthony & Octavius)just learned from the messanger? He has just learned that the enemy army is approaching very quickly.
Act 5:1 Anthony and Octavius start to argue about what? They started to argue about what side to go on?
Act 5:1 Who will give the sign of battle according to Anthony? Caesar will.
Act 5:1 Cassius tells Messela that the battle is similiar to Pompey’s battle. How? It is similar because Pompey lost against Caesar.
Act 5:1 Cassius asks Brutus what he will do if they should lose the battle. How do both respond? Brutus says he will not commit suicide while Cassius says he will be a prisoner in Rome.
Act 5:2 What does Brutus tell Messela to do? He tells Messela to tell Cassuis to advance faster to catch up to Octavius’s fleet.
Act 5:3 What did Cassuis do to his flag bearer? Why? He killed him becuase he was trying to run away from battle.
Act 5:3 Pinduras comes and tell Cassius the wrong information. WHat is it? Pinduras tells him that Titinius is captured and killed.
Act 5:3 Cassius gives Pinduras the dagger and tells him to do what? He tells Pinduras to stab him with it.
Act 5:3 What is outcome of the battle at this point? Brutus had defeated Octavius while Cassius was defeated by Marc Anthony.
Act 5:3 Titinius tells Messela to tell Brutus what happened and then what does Titinius do? Titinius picks up Cassius’ sword and kills himself.
Act 5:3 Brutus sees the bodies and then gets ready to do what? Go to war with Marc Anthony.
Act 5:4 Brutus leads his army but…? Leaves them in battle.
Act 5:4 Who is killed afterward? Cato
Act 5:4 Lucillius gets a horse and pretends to be Brutus. What happens to him.? He captured and brought to Marc Anthony by the army.
Act 5:4 What is the soliders’ mistake? They have captured Lucillius thinking it was Brutus but Marc Anthony tells him their mistake.
Act 5:5 Who does Brutus ask to kill him first? Clitus and Dardanius
Act 5:5 DO they agree to? They both refuse to.
Act 5:5 Who Brutus asks next?Does he agree? Volumnius his friend. He does not.
Act 5:5 Who does Brutus finally get to do it? Strato
Act 5:5 What happens when Octavius and Anthony arrive? Strato explains how Brutus died.
Act 5:5 What does Anthony say about the conspirators? He says Brutus was the only one trying to look out for Rome. The others were in for jealously and zeal.
Act 5:5 How does Octavius end the play? He ends it by ceasing battle and making the men put the body in a tent.

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