The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

BRUTUS:Messala, I have here receivèd lettersThat young Octavius and Mark AntonyCome down upon us with a mighty power,Bending their expedition toward Philippi.MESSALA:Myself have letters of the selfsame tenor.How does the interaction in the excerpt above develop the plot of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? It tells the audience that a battle will occur before the play is over.
Which character is not considered major in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? Lucius
How do the interactions between major and minor characters in act 4 develop the plot of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? The audience learns about the trouble within the Second Triumvirate, the breakdown of Brutus and Cassius’ friendship, and Octavius’ troops being strong and ready to fight Brutus’ army.
ANTONY:This is a slight, unmeritable man,Meet to be sent on errands. Is it fit . . . [H]e should standOne of the three to share [the Roman Republic]?OCTAVIUS:So you thought him,And took his voice who should be pricked to die . . . .You may do your will;But he’s a tried and valiant soldier.How does Mark Antony and Octavius’ fight about the value of Lepidus develop the plot of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? Their fight develops Mark Antony’s arrogance and sets up disagreement between Mark Antony and Octavius.
Which statement is an example of internal conflict? Brutus questions if he is seeing things when he meets Caesar’s ghost.
LEPIDUS:Upon condition Publius shall not live,Who is your sister’s son, Mark Antony.ANTONY:He shall not live. Look, with a spot I damn him.But Lepidus, go you to Caesar’s house; Fetch the will hither . . . .What does the interaction between Lepidus and Mark Antony reveal about Mark Antony? Mark Antony is willing to kill his own nephew to gain more political power.
Which character is not considered minor in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? Brutus
Which of following choices correctly labels the missing numbers in the above diagram? 1: Act 3.2-4: Falling Action; 2: Act 5: Resolution
In act 4.3, why do Brutus and Cassius go into Brutus’ tent to argue instead of staying out in the open? They do not want to appear divided in front of their armies.
BRUTUS:[After seeing the ghost of CAESAR]He thinks he still is at his instrument.—Lucius, awake!LUCIUS:My lord.BRUTUS:Didst thou dream, Lucius, that thou so cried’st out?LUCIUS:My lord, I do not know that I did cry.BRUTUS:Yes, that thou didst. Didst thou see anything?LUCIUS:Nothing, my lord.BRUTUS:Sleep again, Lucius.—Sirrah Claudio!How does the interaction between Brutus and his servant Lucius develop the plot of act 4 of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar? Brutus asks Lucius if he cried out during his sleep to check if he imagined the ghost of Caesar.

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