the theme of kingship in macbeth

what is kingship the state or position of being king
what characters fit into the theory of kingship – Duncan, Macbeth, macduff, Malcolm, lady macbeth
how is kingship presented kingship is presented as fatal and lethal if tempered with. Shakespeare outlines that corruption of the divine rights system can lead to mass murders and an unjust and unfair society
considering the way that Shakespeare has presented kingship , what does this suggest about Shakespeare himself that he was a very religious man, who believes in the divine right system which was put forth by god. he believes that those who cheat and sin their way by regicide shall only be punished
kingship is also presented as … tempting but limiting for certain individuals . it is so tempting for lady macbeth that she becomes the 1st character in the play to really break the natural order by calling on the “spirits” to unsex her. however her gender obstructs her
how is king duncan presented Duncan is presented as a just and fair king. He rewards his men with honours and makes Macbeth Thane of Cawdor. … When Duncan is fair, Macbeth is tyrannical and becomes murderous.

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