The Tempest Vocabulary Act II 11-20

Abhorred/abhor Transitive Verb: To regard with extreme repugnance: Synonym: loathe, disdain: Antonym: Approve, prize revere
Auspicious Adjective: Pointing towad a happy outcome; showing that future success is likely: Synonym: prosperous, fortuitous, optimistic: Antonym: unfavorable, bleak, calamitous, catastrophic
Fen Noun: Low land that is covered wholly or partly with water: Synonym: bog, swamp, marsh: Antonym: desert
Enmity Noun: Positive, active, and typically mutual hatred or ill-will: Synonym: animosity, bitterness: Antonym: friendliness, goodwill
Ebb Noun: A point or condition of decline: Synonym: decline, deteriorate: Antonym: improve, enhance
Nettles Noun: any or various prickly or stinging plants: Synonym: N/A: Antonym: N/A
Omit Transitive Verb: To leave out; to leave undone: Synonym: fail, forget, ignore: Antonym: keep, observe, perform
Supplant Transitibe Verb: To supersede (another) by force or treachery: Synonym: displace, usurp, supersede: Antonym: replace, ask politely
Gaberdine Noun: A long, loose outer garnet, usually made of rough, heavy fabric: Synonym: cloak, jacket: Antonym: lave, silk
Repose Transitive Verb: To lie at rest: Synonym: reclining, resting: Antonym: wakefulness, consciousness

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