The Tempest Character List

Boatswain Appearing only in the first and last scenes, the Boatswain is vigorously good natured.
Trinculo & Stephano Members of the shipwrecked party. One is a jester and the other is a drunken butler.
Gonzalo First as he remarks on the beauty of the island when the stranded party firsts lands.
Sebastian Alonso’s brother
Antonio Prospero’s brother
Alonso King of Naples and father of Ferdinand.
Ferdinand Son and heir of Alonso.
Caliban Son of the now deceased witch Sycorax and acquainted Prospero with the island when Prospero arrived.
Ariel Prospero’s spirit leader
Miranda Daughter of Prospero, was brought to the island at a young age & has never seen any men other than her dad & Caliban, remembers she was raised by females
Prospero The plays protagonist, father of Miranda.

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