Orgel ‘Repentance in the Tempest is a largely underachieved goal’
Sir Peter Hall ‘The most blasphemous play that Shakespeare ever wrote’
Taylor Sharpe ‘Every character is driven by an internal cry for freedom’
Riches.A (P) ‘His forgiveness of others is universal and unconditional’
Hebron. M (P) ‘His aim is to bring his enemies to realise their evil actions’
Dr Roy Booth (P) ‘Prospero is in control of his magic’
Neil Bowen (P) ‘A subtle but arch Machiavellian.. using his daughter as part of his political game’
Kozinksy (P) ‘Prospero is a selfish and vengeful character’
Westlund (P) ‘Prospero is a deeply subjective character’
Todd (M) ‘Miranda’s outward beauty is a reflection of her inner merit’
Tanner (M) ‘Miranda’s pity must be innate- there’s no one to teach her it’
David Sundelson (M) ‘Prospero surrenders to Ferdinand the pleasure of possessing Miranda’
Mike Brett (M) ‘Miranda is not afraid to begin an engagement with Ferdinand without Prospero’s permission”Miranda’s apparent freedom is illusory.. all of her actions are secretly approved of’
Findlay.A (M) ‘Her innocence recalls pre-lapsarian equality”Her quest for knowledge leads to an image of harmony and reconcilliation’
Kermode (M) ‘Miranda is inexperienced by not naive’
Nancy Meckler (M) ‘Miranda’s the catalyst of the story’
Cicily Berry (C) ‘Caliban is ‘the other’ and Prospero has power over him’
Rex Gibson (C) ‘Caliban is brutish and evil by nature’
David Lindely (C) ‘The relationship between Caliban and Prospero deteriorates into one of rebellion and domination’
Michael O’Toole (C) ‘Rebellious and accusatory attitude’
Coleridge (C) Caliban is displayed as a ‘noble being’
Kermode (C) ‘Caliban is the core of the play’
Nuttal (C) ‘Caliban is not innocent’
Laming (C) ‘Caliban contains the seed of revolt’
Walton Beachaim (A) Ariel’s ‘only request is for freedom’
Brinda Charry (A) ‘A slave who’s consciousness of self has been blunted by the promise of freedom’
Barry Beck (A+C) Ariel is ‘Prospero’s conscious vengeance’ ‘We all need a Caliban and Ariel inside our psyche’
Michael O’Toole (A) ‘Ariel is content to serve his master only to the extent to which it ensures his future release’
RCS PRODUCTION 2017 (A) Ariel is an airy spirit and is played as an avatar on a backdrop screen to recreate his dream-likeness
GLOBE 2013 (A) Gregory Dorian ‘Ariel is less airy.. he is more like a normal person’
Coleridge (A) ‘An elemental spirit robbed of his freedom and tortured by the loss’
Macfarlund (G) ‘Gonzalo is the speaker of a certain truth’
Robert Langbaum (G) ‘Gonzalo’s speech sums up the philosophy of tragi-comedy, we lose in order to recover something greater’
Other interpretation (G) Gonzalo wants the power and authority that Alonso has…. Or he doesn’t want authority at all.
Dr Roy Booth (S+T) Although he is only a ‘dull fool’ Trinculo should wear a jester’s costume.
RSC Stratford upon Avon (S+T) Trinculo wears a clown mask and acts like a clown.
Other interpretation (S+T) When trying to kill Alonso, Steph and Trinc become rough parodies of Ant and Seb- Who are power hungry.
Jan Whitehead (S+T) ‘Stephano and Trinculo provide the comi relief in ‘The Tempest”
Goodwin (S+T) ‘Many audiences believe Steph and Trinc to be less noble than Caliban’
Todd (S+T) ‘Stephano’s murder plot is based on folly rather than evil’
Tanner (A+S) ‘The real monsters of the play’
Northrop (A+S) ‘Sunk in the hallucination of greed’

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