The Tempest – Advanced English 10

what causes Antonio and the others to desert the ship? Prospero uses magic to create a storm and passengers believe the ship is breaking up
why does ariel serve prospero? he rescued him from imprisonment
who helped Prospero and Miranda when they were cast out? Gonzalo
why did Prospero and Miranda turn against Caliban? he attacked Miranda
what does Caliban mean when he tells Miranda “you taught me a language, and my profit on’t / is, I know how to curse”? Miranda has harmed him because she has shown him there is a wider world beyond his reach
what best characterizes Miranda’s personality? kind and compassionate
why does Caliban obey Prospero? he knows he can use magic to force him to obey
what describes the relationship between social classes? commoners freely speak their minds to aristocrats
what is a dark theme introduced in act 1? the danger of uncontrolled passions
what is an example of an unrealistic plot? Ferdinand proposed to Miranda at first sight
what is the kind of society that gonzalo would like to recreate on the island? a utopia of social and economic equality
why does Antonio suggest killing Alonso? Antonio lacks a conscience / he is tired of paying tribute to Alonso
how does he persuade Sebastian to kill Alonso? he says Alonso’s daughter(heir) is too far from Naples to interfere
who is Antonio? Prospero’s backstabbing brother
how does Ariel prevent Alonso and Gonzalo’s assassination? he wakes the sleeping king and Gonzalo
why does Caliban hide from Trinculo? he thinks its a spirit sent to punish him
what is Antonio’s personality? ambitious
what is Sebastian’s personality? ambitious but must be egged on
why does Ariel prevent the murder? it would interfere with Prospero’s plans
what is Trinculo’s opinion of Caliban? he is disrespectful of him
Trinculo and Stephano Trinculo, a jester, and Stephano, a drunken butler, are two minor members of the shipwrecked party. They provide a comic foil to the other, more powerful pairs of Prospero and Alonso and Antonio and Sebastian.
what best describes Stephano? practical and capable
why do the aristocrats speak in prose instead of blank verse? it allows the dialogue to be more casual and funny
what is prose? writing in everyday language; written in paragraphs
what is blank verse? unrhymed iambic pentameter
why does Alonso speak in blank verse instead of prose like the other aristocrats? he grieves more for Ferdinand than the others and he is the highest-ranking official in the group
why does Caliban speak in blank verse and Stephano in prose? Caliban is of higher social rank than him
what do Caliban’s words and speaking style say about his character? he vividly alive to the natural world around him
what do Ferdinand and Miranda agree to do at the end of act 3 scene 1? marry ASAP
why does Prospero spy on Ferdinand and Miranda? to find out if he truly loves Miranda
what is Prospero’s source of power? his library of books
how does Alonso react when Ariel accuses him of his wrongdoing against Prospero? He admits his guilt and expresses remorse
what is Ferdinand’s attitude as he hauls wood for Prospero? he makes the best of it
what best describes Miranda when she’s in love? she forgets her father’s demands
what is the common theme in both revenge subplots (Caliban-Stephano-Trinculo and Sebastian-Antonio)? resentment against one’s superiors
what best describes the subplot that involves Prospero and Ariel? Prospero confides his story and plans to Ariel and Ariel helps him carry out his plans
what agreement does Prospero make with Miranda and Ferdinand at the start of act 4? he agrees to let them get married
what was the purpose of the pageant for Ferdinand and Miranda? to underscore his warning about staying chaste, and to celebrate the upcoming marriage
what trick did Ariel play on Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban? he charmed them with music and lured them into a pool of dirty water
what happens when Stephano and Trinculo approach Prospero’s cell? they stop and are distracted by the gaudy clothing that was left as bait
how does Prospero punish Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban? he sends dogs and goblins to chase and torment them
how does Ariel feel at the end of act 4? loyal to Prospero
what best describes Trinculo and Stephano in act 4? mostly interested in pleasure
what is a motif? an element that is repeated throughout a piece of literature
to which of the ship’s passengers does Prospero show the greatest kindness? Gonzalo
what does Antonio say when Prospero accuses him? nothing
what happens when Trinculo, Stephano, and Caliban are brought before the company? they are given a scolding
what news does the boatswain bring in act 5? the ship is undamaged
what does Caliban realize at the end of the play? Stephano is just a drunken fool
what is a key aspect of Ariel’s character in act 5? he understands and shares in the suffering of others
what does Prospero learn? to forgive and put past injuries behind him
why doesn’t Prospero tell anyone about Antonio and Sebastian’s murder plot? he believes it is nobler to forgive than to condemn them
what does Prospero ask the audience to do in the epilogue that expresses Shakespeare’s wish to retire? he asks the audience to release him by clapping
who probably feels the most sorrow at the way things work out? Prospero because he lost his daughter to Ferdinand and Ariel to freedom; he lost the two people he loved the most
what best describes the resolution? evil characters are forgiven
how does the epilogue differ from typical epilogues? in typical epilogues the speaker comments on the conflict and resolution; in “the tempest” the speaker makes an appeal to the audience
what effect does the song Ariel sings written in rhyming couplets have? shows him as lighthearted; makes the song stand out from the surrounding blank verse

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