The Tempest: Act 3 Scene 3

What are the “shapes” that appear with a banquet before the men? The shapes are the spirits of Ariel’s that help him carry out his duties.
What is Prospero doing while the spirits are bringing out the banquet? Prospero has made himself invisible to the men and is standing off to the side watching the event unfold.
What role does the harpy play? Ariel enters in the shape of a harpy and flaps his wings on the table and the banquet vanishes.
How do the men feel after Ariel accuses them of leaving forcing Prospero out of Milan to then be left at the mercy of the sea with his young child? Gonzalo was not accused because he is innocent of this sin, and therefore he does not feel guilty. Alonso feels guilty because he now knows how Prospero feels after landing on the island and thinking that he has lost his son, Ferdinand. On the other hand, Antonio and Sebastian say that they will fight in order to show that they are not sorry.
What is a masque? The use of elaborate scenic and lighting effects to portray scenes which are special events. Usually includes elaborate costumes, acting, and dancing.

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