The Tempest Act 1-2 Test FREE RESPONSE

How does the opening scene already begin to challenge the status quo of social rank and authority? What meaning can we draw from this challenge? The master gave authority to the Boatswain to control the ship while it was sinking in the terrible storm. Antonio and Sebastian called the Boatswain a dog and that he would be hanged but they gave in because they were all in the same circumstance. Just because you are of higher importance, doesn’t mean that you are immortal.
Describe the tone and events established in the opening scene of The Tempest. Use at least TWO direct quotations to support your answer. The tone is anxious, frightful, ignorant because of the storm that’s sinking the ship “Farewell, my wife and children!” “Farewell, brother!” “We split, we split, we split!””We are less afraid to be drowned than thou art.” Antonio shows his pride and ignorance during the storm.
What are the implications of the boatswain’s remark, “What cares these roarers for the name of king?” That Mother Nature does not bow down to the King. The power of royalty has no say over fate and that the courtiers words mean nothing to the current situation.
What is different about the way in which Miranda addresses her father versus the way he addresses her? Miranda addresses Prospero as her dear father and Prospero addresses her as his daughter,but she is angry towards him for “causing” the storm and the boat crashing.
What convention does Shakespeare use to allow the audience to learn Prosper and Miranda’s backstory? Describe IN DETAIL what we learn about Prospero and Miranda through their conversation. Shakespeare uses the setting inside the cell to let Prospero remind Miranda about their past. Prospero was once the rightful duke of Milan and his brother Antonio betrayed him by seizing his title and property. One midnight 12 years ago he had minister cast our both Prospero and Miranda to the island. Gonzalo helped them when they got on the island and now Prospero is a teacher and provides for Miranda that way.
Were Antonio’s actions in usurping Prospero’s title completely unfounded? Explain your answer. What treasonous act did Antonio perform in the process of deposing Prospero? Yes they were because he did it out of envy and greed. Antonio was trying to execute his only family to better his own advancements. Antonia used Prosperos trust to plot against him.
What is the significance of Prospero’s taking off his cloak at the beginning of his talk to Miranda? What does he mean when he says, “Lie there, my art? He reassures Miranda by taking off his magic cloak that she sees as the weapon that was used to sink the ship. He means that the magic cloak lies there as the symbol for his reckoning.
Who is Ariel? How does Ariel address Prospero? Why is this significant? What does Ariel desire from Prospero? How does Prospero respond to being reminded of his promise to Ariel? Ariel is a air spirit. He addresses Prospero as master because Prospero rescued him so Ariel owes him a favor. Ariel desires his freedom from Prospero. He tells Ariel that he needs more favors of him and delays his freedom for a few more days.
Who is Sycorax? How are Sycorax’s and Prospero’s stories similar? What does this similarity suggest? Sycorax is the witch. Their stories are similar because they were both cast out to the island with their children. That magic is appealed by the royalties and the people.
Who is Caliban, and how did he come to be enslaved by Prospero? How is Caliban similar to Prospero? He’s the son of the witch and after his mom dies Prospero took him in as his slave. They are both cruel and have magic within them.
Who is Ferdinand? How does he end up on Prospero’s island? What is significant about Prospero’s showing Ferdinand to Miranda when Ferdinand first enters? What are Miranda’s and Ferdinand’s first impressions of each other? The son of the king of Milan. He was aboard the ship that crashed. He wants them to fall in love so that he will marry his daughter to become the queen of Naples. They immediately fall in love with each other once laying eyes upon each other.
By the time Shakespeare wrote The Tempest, England had made two attempts to colonize the “New World,” the failed Roanoke Colony in 1586, and the successful Jamestown plantation in 1607. Assuming that one of Shakespeare’s themes, therefore, has to do with European colonialism of the Americas, what does the relationship between Caliban and Prospero represent? It represents the efforts of Prospero to colonize the wild Caliban. He also enslaved him because he is trying to make the island his own home where he can prosper without the force of the English rule of royalty weighing him down.
At the end of Act 1, what kind of person does Prospero seem to be? Please support your answer with evidence from the text. Prospero seems to be a evil person. “Silence! One word more Shall make me chide thee, if not hate thee” The words he uses at the end are more harsh towards Ferdinand and he uses people to get what he wants.
What does Alonso regret at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 1? Why does he regret this? What does he think happened to his son, Ferdinand? He regrets marrying off his daughter, because he’s now left with no children. He thinksthat Ferdinand is dead.
What does Sebastian begin to plot? What ‘story’ does he make up when Gonzalo catches him with his sword drawn? What parallels can you draw between Sebastian and Alonso? He begins to plot to kill the king so he can be crowned. He pretends that he heard anoise 9 that’s why he drew his sword.
How is Ariel’s power manifested in this scene? Why do you think Ariel was instructed by Prospero to do what he did to the lords? Ariel puts Gonzalo and Alonso to sleep but not the Lords. Ariel wasinstructed to let Antonio have privacy to convince Sebastian to kill the kingand take the throne.
How are the themes of authority/disobedience and order/chaos present in this scene? Be specific in your answer. Alonso’s daughter marrys because of her fathers authority. Disobedience is present onceSebastian starts plotting Alonso’s death. Alonso orders for them to look for his sonbrings back his authority. When Gonzalo talks about how to run the island it presentschaos, because there is no authority.
Describe Gonzalo’s vision for the development of the island, were he made king. What is ironic about his vision? What archetype does his vision call to mind? He wants there to be no sovereignty, yet he wants to be king. His no rule with a ruleris ironic. It calls to mind the need for marriage and heirs to rule a country andtake a hold of power, which is what King Alonso is worrying about.
Explain the allusions to Carthage, Dido, and Aeneas. You will need to research these Greek figures in order to fully answer the question. Dido is compared to Alonso’s daughter, but Dido was from Carthage andshe fell in love with a Trojan Aeneas. She killed herself and wasn’t able torule Carthage. This is foreshadowing.
How is the theme of colonization present in this scene? Is there a Euro-centic, colonial attitude present in the conversation between Alonso and Sebastian? Explain your answer. Alonso married off his daughter to an African American in order to mix races andcultures, and create an alliance. Sebastian wanted to only mix withEuropeans to preserve the Euro-centric altitude because he believes they’re better.
How is pathetic fallacy present in the beginning of this scene with Caliban? What is Shakespeare trying to convey to the audience by using this literary technique? The storm represents chaos and loss of authority.
what is Caliban complaining about? What does the word inchmeal mean in this context? He’s complaining about carrying wood through the forest and the pain Prosperocauses him. Inch meal means “inch by inch”, slowly he curses Prospero tobecome diseased.
How would you characterize Caliban based on Trinculo’s comment, “What have we here, a man or a fish”? Do not limit your analysis to physical appearance and smell Caliban is not attractive and he’s much different than people Trina 10 or Englandare used to seeing. He calls him a native because he’s never seen people like himwhich makes him a “freak” even though Caliban may look normal to his people.
What does Caliban offer to do for Trinculo and Stefano that he previously does for Prospero? Why is this significant? He promises to serve them & show them aroung the island. It’s significantbecause he’s trying to escape Prospero by gaining the help from new “gods” thatdon’t know of what he’s done.
Take a look at the TWO songs present in this scene. Remember, Shakespeare does not do anything by chance! What is the purpose of Caliban and Stephano’s songs? What do we learn from the songs and why do you think both men are singing? You must use at least TWO DIRECT QUOTATIONS to support your answer. Stephano’s song was ironic because it foreshadowed his comfort and safety that hewould relieve from Caliban. “I shall no more to sea, to sea. Here shall I die ashore”Caliban’s song is one of joy because he’s allowed to comfort Stephano’s sorrow. “Ban, ‘ban, Ca-caliban Has a new master. Get a new man”. They benefit each oter.
What is both comic and ironic about the way Caliban mistakes Stephano for a god? Take a look at Caliban’s comment, “That’s a brave god and bears celestial liquor. I will kneel to him”. It’s comic 9 ironic because Stephano isn’t regarded as a god becausesailors have a low status. Alcohol symbolizes a low status but Caliban has neverhad it so he thinks it’s a miracle from heaven, thus associating Stephano from heaven.
How is the theme of colonization present in the final exchanges in Act 2, Scene 2? Provide at least TWO DIRECT QUOTATIONS to support your answer. Caliban offers to guide Stephano for exchange of protection similar to Native Americanattitudes towards the pilgrims. “Show thee a jay’s nest, and instruct thee how To snare the nimble marmoset.”Stephano decides that he’ll take control over the new land he endedup on because there’s no inhabitants “Trinculo, the King and all our company else being drowned, we will inherit here.”

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