The Tempest

act play division
slave caliban to prospero
shakespeare author
Miranda prospero’s daughter
King of Naples alonso is the _____________
antonio prospero’s brother
stephano drunken butler
ceres goddess played by a spirit
sycorax caliban’s mother
rape caliban tried to __________ miranda
pool ariel leaves Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo there
Prospero rightfully Duke of Milan
Ferdinand Alonso’s son
Alonso King of Naples
gift Miranda is Prospero’s __________ to Ferdinand
Ferdinand as act 2 opens all of the members of the royal party are together except for _______________________
wedding in Tunis, Africa when shipwrecked, the royal party was returning to England from a _________________________
Ariel with the exception of Sebastian and Antonio, _________ causes the members of the royal party to sleep
1/2 fish 1/2 man when Trinculo sees Caliban, he thinks the slave is some sort of ______________________
barrel filled with wine Stephano has ridden ashore on a
ferdinand miranda offers to help _____________ with his work
banquet Prospero caused a __________ to appear in Act III before the royal party
Ariel __________ accuses some members of the royal party about plotting against Prospero
Ariel says “thou liest” in Trinculo’s voice which makes Stephano and Caliban mad what makes Stephano beat Trinculo?
prospero _____________ sends men to see that sebastian and antonio do not commit suicide
Gonzalo as Act V opens, whose crying has nearly moved Ariel to pity
magic powers it is Prospero’s intention to give up his _____________________
Boatswain who does Prospero ask Ariel to fetch in the final act?
chess when Ferdinand is revealed to his father, the young man and Miranda are playing ___________________
prospero ________________ promises to tell the group the story of his adverntures
Ferdinand to Miranda when she asks to help him move the sticks/wood “No, precious creature. I had rather crack my sinews, break my back, Thank you should such dishonor undergo While I sit lazy by.” (Act III)
Prospero to the audience. he is pleased with Miranda and Ferdinand, but still has more work to be done. (after the wood scene) “I’ll to my book, for yet ere supper-time must I perform Much business appertaining” (Act III)
Caliban to Stephano and Trinculo – about how they are going to kill Prospero. he is sleeping now and we must steal is books to take his magic powers away and burn the books and stab him. Caliban has been thinking about how to kill Prospero for a long time now “…’tis a custom with him, I’the’ afternoon to sleep. There thou mayst brain him, Having first seized his books…” (Act III)
Stephano to Caliban – they will kill Prospero and he will marry Miranda and be ruler “Monster, I will kill this man. His daughter and I will be king and queen…and Trinculo and thyself shall be viceroys” (Act III)
Ariel as a harpy to Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio – ariel is a harpy – remember how you sinned – you must be sorry and don’t do something like this again “But remember…that you three from Milan did supplant good Prospero, Exposed unto the sea…Him and his innocent child” (Act III)
Gonzalo to the audience – after Alonso, Seb., and Antonio saw the harpy and are fearful – they are desperate and guilty – time to get back at them for their sins- is worried that they will commit suicide “all three of them are desperate. their great guilt, Like poison given to work a great time after, Now ‘gins to bite the spirits” (Act III)
Prospero to Miranda. I was dedicated to studying while my brother (Antonio) took the dukedom away. – Act I – telling her about the story of his life before her “I pray thee, mark me.I, thus neglecting worldly ends, all dedicatedTo closeness and the bettering of my mindWith that which, but by being so retired,O’er-prized all popular rate, in my false brother”
Trinculo to the audience – under the cloak with Caliban when there is a storm – certain situations cause you to have to do things you don’t want to or normally do “misery acquaints a man with strange bed-fellows”
Alonso to Ferdinand about Miranda – you only knew her for three hours and you are in love/married – is she real or a goddess “What is this maid with whom thou wast at play?Your eld’st acquaintance cannot be three hours:Is she the goddess that hath sever’d us,And brought us thus together?”
Caliban to Prospero – mad that Prospero took over the island after he was there first – theme of nature vs. nurture (Caliban always goes backs to his nature) “This island’s mine, by Sycorax my mother,Which thou takest from me. When thou camest first,Thou strokedst me and madest much of me”
Antonio to Sebastian – trying to convince Sebastian to kill King Alonso so he can have power like Antonio does – must kill Gonzalo too bc he will see this as morally wrong – the other men, will listen to us and won’t question our morals for killing Alonso and Gonzalo “For all the rest,They’ll take suggestion as a cat laps milk;They’ll tell the clock to any business thatWe say befits the hour.”
Tunis, Africa their boat was on the way home/sailing to ______________________
cloven pine tree Ariel was imprisoned in a ______________________
Claribel Alonso’s daughter who got married and is living in Tunis
wine barrel/butt of sack Stephano’s way of getting on the island
– break staff – bury staff – drown his books how is Prospero going to get rid of his magic powers?
clothes distracted Trinculo and Stephano when they were supposed to be focusing on killing Prospero
audience’s applause will set Prospero free
iambic pentameter couplets- to make it seem like an escape from reality, less natural than blank verse how is the masque written? why?
Prospero to Ferdinand – afraid if Miranda and Ferdinand sleep together before marriage they will have a bad marriage and she will be barren (can’t have kids) “If thou dost break her virgin-knot beforeAll sanctimonious ceremonies mayWith full and holy rite be minister’d,No sweet aspersion shall the heavens let fallTo make this contract grow: but barren hate”
Miranda to Ferdinand- she does not know whether she is beautiful or not because she has never seen another woman before “I do not knowOne of my sex; no woman’s face remember,Save, from my glass, mine own; nor have I seenMore that I may call men than you, good friend,And my dear father”
Alonso to the audience (or Gonzalo)- this will be his last meal because he has given up looking for Ferdinand and will commit suicide “I will stand to and feed,Although my last: no matter, since I feelThe best is past. Brother, my lord the duke,Stand to and do as we.”
Prospero to Ferdinand and Miranda – sleep = death – the masque ended/disappears, just like life will end too – life is meaningless bc our presence will be gone – circle “We are such stuffAs dreams are made on, and our little lifeIs rounded with a sleep”
Caliban to Prospero – the only good thing you taught me is how to curse “You taught me language; and my profit on’t Is, I know how to curse”
3 years old Miranda was how old when they arrived on the island?
Antonio felt no remorse in Act V
Sebastian convinced to kill his brother and the “honest counselor” (Gonzalo) by Antonio
– Latin for Raven is corax – dew and ravens were associated with witch craft – she’s a witch Sycorax meaning
Aside a brief remark by a character revealing thoughts to the audience or another character (whispering). other characters cannot hear this. ex) when Prospero talks to Ariel sometimes. like when Ariel made Ferdinand and Miranda meet and fall in love. Prospero was so happy that he was promising Ariel freedom soon.
Monologue long speech given in the company of others, addressed to other characters on the stage ex) Caliban in act 3 scene 2. lines 96-112 where he gives Stephano different ways to kill Prospero (burn his books, beat him, stab him, cut his windpipe, miranda is beautiful so take her too). Caliban has been thinking of a plan to kill Prospero for a while so he has a lot of ideas.
Soliloquy long speech by one person alone expressing thoughts to the audience. it is longer than an aside. ex) three men of sin by ariel as a harpy (maybe) ex 2) Calbian in Act 2 scene 2 when he is cursing Prospero as he is carrying the wood and it is thundering.
refers to Shakespeares stage and the world great globe
1) prospero’s magic 2) the tempest – storm or anger?3) appearance vs. reality 4) nature vs. nurture (born that way vs. learned from others) 5) dreams 6) redemption (is it possible to seek revenge and still be a good person?) themes
The Tempest Shakespeare’s last play
synesthesia when your senses become confused and mixed up ex) pg. 135 line 198 “as they smelt music” (drunk and following Ariel into the pool)
Latin word for favorable or fortunate Prospero means
Latin word for wonder at – she is curious – people might wonder about her and she wonders about things Miranda means

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