The tempest

Miranda Prospero’s Daughter
Prospepro the former Duke of Milan
Ariel Sprite
Antonio The current Duke of milan (Prospero’s Brother)
Stephano a Drunken butler
Trinculo a jester
Alonso king of naples
Ferdinand Son and heir of Alonso
Gonzalo an optimist councilor ( Gave food to Prospero)
Sycorax Witch, Imprisoned Ariel
Caliban Son of Sycorax
Abhorred hated
allay to calm
chide to scold
fen marsh or bog
fortitude bravery
homage tribute
perfidious treacherous
precursors one who goes before
prerogative privilege
Who did Antonio ally with to kick prospero out of power? Alonso
Who imprisoned Ariel? Sycorax
What did Miranda teach Caliban? To talk the language she spooke
what happens when Miranda and Ferdinand see each other? The fall in love.
What does Ferdinand think happened to his father? He thinks he died in the shipwreck
Brine salt water
jocund merry
odious hateful
peerless without equal
sinews tendons
surfeited full, satisfied
vigilance watchfulness
abominable dreadful
celestial heavenly
enmity hostility
nimble quick, alert
prate chatter, gab
spendthrift wasteful spender
trifle insignificant thing
upbraid To scold
where were the castaways going when they were shipwreched? Naples (back home)
which character wants to be king of an island wiht no kings? Gonzalo
Which two characters are plotting to over throw Alonso? Antonio and Sabastian
Of those two characters which overthrew his brother? Antonio
what does Caliban think the sailors are when he first sees them? spirits
Who does Caliban begin to worship as his new master? Stephano
What does Caliban’s new master call him? Monster
what is prosero’s goal in letting Miranda and Ferdinand get to know each other? To have power over Ferdinand who will rule Naples.
What plan does Caliban suggest for killing Prospero? in his sleep
Who is almost killed in a similar way to the plan above? Gonzalo and Alonso
Abstemious moderate, sparing
barren infertile
compensation payment or something given or done to make up for something
deity a god
disdain scorn
mute unable or wnilling to seak
oracle fortune-teller
rabble unruly crowd
vexed troubled
Iris messenger of the gods
juno queen of the sky
ceres sister of juno
Venus Goddess of love
Cupid venus’ son

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