The Odyssey Pt. 1

Personification a good example of an epithet
Personification “Dawn spread out her fingertips of rose”
Epic hero an example of Odysseus
Epic hero Telemachus, son of Odysseus
Odysseus is lucky Athena believed in _____ and helped him on his journey home to Ithaca. divine intervention
What were Odysseus’ feelings when he was held captive by Calypso and Circe? When Odysseus was being held captive by Calypso and Circe he longed to be home.
How many men did Odysseus lose as a result of the Cicones? Six benches were left empty in every ship as a result of the Cicones.
What keeps Odysseus from reaching home? Zeus rousing a storm against the ships, the current taking him out to sea, and landing at the coast-line of the Lotus-Eaters keeps Odysseus from reaching home.
What happens to the crew members who eat the Lotus? The crew members that eat the Lotus never cared to report or return. They longed to stay forever, forgetful of their homeland.
What does this episode suggest about the kinds of problems Odysseus has with his men? This episode suggests that Odysseus’ men don’t really listen to him most of the time and that they don’t try hard enough to do the order they are asked.
Although it is brief, the Lotus-Eaters episode is one of the most famous parts of the Odyssey. Why do you think readers have found it so interesting? Because a Lotus was the reason a person longed to stay somewhere forever, readers have found the Lotus-Eaters episode so interesting.
What does Odysseus’ desire to wait for the inhabitant of the cave tell you about his personality? Odysseus’ desire to wait for the inhabitant of the cave tells us that he is arrogant.
Cyclops Cannibal clan of one-eyed giants
Why does Odysseus not kill Polyphemus when he first gets an opportunity to do so? Odysseus doesn’t kill Polyphemus when he first gets an opportunity to do so because if he killed him then they would perish as well.
When Polyphemus asks his name, what does Odysseus tell him it is? Why? Odysseus tells him his name Nobody. He does this so that no one will know that it was him.
How do Odysseus and his men get out of the cave? they hide under the sheep
What survival qualities does Odysseus exhibit in the episode with the Cyclops? His survival qualities are he’s a good leader,plans ahead and he plans ahead and thinks of all options before deciding.
What does the ghost of Elpenor request? The ghost of Elpenor tells Odysseus not to forget him.
What directions and warnings does Tiresias give? Tiresias tells Odysseus to avoid the kine.
What character traits display in this episode that he did not reveal in his adventure with the Cyclops? Explain. In this episode, Odysseus shows appreciation. He has more of an appreciation for his life after he visited The Land of the Dead because he saw his mother there.
What do Odysseus’ men do to him as they approach the Sirens? As they approach the Sirens, Odysseus’ men tie him up along the mast.
What does Odysseus do to the ears of his crewmen? Why does he do this? Odysseus puts beeswax in the ears of his crewmen so that they wouldn’t hear the song the Sirens were singing.
How does Odysseus react to the Sirens’ song? Odysseus begged to be untied.
What does this episode tell you about Odysseus’ personality? Explain. This episode tells us that Odysseus is trusts people. He tells his crew to tie him up and not let him loose.
What human qualities do the Sirens represent? The Sirens represent people that have passion and enthusiasm.
As Odysseus and his crew near Scylla and Charybdis, how do the men react? As Odysseus and his crew near Scylla and Charybdis, his men were scared.
How many of Odysseus’ men are killed by Scylla? Scylla whisks six of Odysseus’ best men from the ship.
Why do you think Odysseus chooses to sail toward Scylla rather than Charybdis? Odysseus chooses to sail toward Scylla rather than Charybdis because Charybdis would sink the whole ship and kill everyone.
Was Odysseus right when he decided to keep his decision to sail toward Scylla a secret from his men? Odysseus was right when he decided to keep his decision to sail toward Scylla a secret form his men because if he hadn’t, they would have been frightened and convinced him to turn around.
What does Eurylochus say to persuade Odysseus’ men to slaughter and eat the cattle of Helios, the sun god? Eurylochus says “All deaths are hateful to us, mortal wretches, but famine is the most pitiful, the worst a man can come to.” He convinces them that it is better to die from something else other than simply famine.
What is Zeus’ response to Helios’ demand for revenge? Zeus tell Helios that it’s okay and that he will throw down a lightning bolt and make splinters of their ship.
How does Odysseus manage to escape death? Odysseus sailed away from Thrinacia, only to have his boat destroyed by Zeus. He floated on driftwood to Ogygia, the lush tropical island of Calypso.
Personification the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc.
Epithet any word or phrase applied to a person or thing to describe an actual or attributed quality
Epic a long narrative poem telling of a hero’s deeds
Divine Intervention When gods intervene in human affairs.
Epic Hero a man who seems to conquer most problems he encounters and who is usually protected by or descended from the gods but does not have god like powers himself
Epic Simile An extended comparison using like or as to compare two seemingly unlike things.

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