The odyssey part 2 study guide

She made him look like a begger then changed him back How does athena change odysseus’ appearance?
Telemachus Who does odysseus tell first when he has returned?
Hides weapons, set aside some weapons, doesn’t tell anyone he is returning and doesn’t take any action What does odysseus tell telemachus to do?
Odysseus’ old dog Who is argos?
Old and not cared for. There is also no leadership How does argos’ condition reflect on the state of the household?
Suitor who treats Odysseus very poorly Who is antinous, and how does he treat odysseus?
Law of hospitality What greek rule is antinous breaking?
Wishes that Apollo would kill him. How does penelope react to antinous’ behavior?
Finish weaving before marriage What trick did penelope use to keep from choosing a husband from among the suitors?
Wants to see how she feels Why do you think odysseus chooses not to reveal his identity to his wife?
He’ll be back soon What does he (the begger odysseus) tell her s out odysseus’ return?
How she feels about Odysseus. She tricked the suitors What does homer accomplish by including this conversation between odysseus and penelope?
None How many suitors are able to complete the bow challenge?
Like a musician uses his instrument What simile does homer use to describe odysseus’ skill with a bow?
Referring to them that he is going to kill them all What does odysseus mean when he says “the hour has come to cook their lordships’ mutton…”?
Antinious Which suitor does odysseus target first?
Kill his own son and steal his wife Why does odysseus refuse to let any of the suitors live?
Yes, because they were potting to kill his son and take his wife from him Compare the justice of odysseus’ day with justice today. Is he fair?
Scared, questions him How does penelope react to ber husband once he reveals himself. Why?
The bed post. What is the secret penelope and odysseus share?

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