The odyssey part 2

List the 7 characteristics of an epic 1. Begins with an invication to the muse 2. Begins in the middle of things 3. Anout an epic hero4. Outcome effects the fate of a nation 5. Gods take sides 6. Noble & majestic style language 7. Characters speak in long, ceremonious speeches
Define muse Daughter of Zeus, credited with divine inspiration
What does the narrator ask the muse to do? To tell the story
During the Trojan war, what city do Odysseus & his men plunder? Troy
What happens to Odysseus’s shipmates They die of their own foolishness
What does Athena advise Telemachus to do? To search for Odysseus because the suitors want to take over Ithaca
How many years did calypso hold Odysseus on her island? 7
What news did Hermes come to give to calypso? To release Odysseus & help him build a raft
What lines allow the reader to infer that Odysseus is not happy on calypso’s island Lines 39-42
Does homer characterize Calypso directly or indirectly? Give two examples Indirectly 1. She tells Odysseus that he doesn’t need to grieve anymore & that he can leave her. (She is considerate)2. She reluctantly agreed to letting Odysseus go even though she didn’t want to (obedient)
What does “strategist Odysseus” imply? He is skilled in planning action to get stuff done.
Who pushed the men by sending a storm? Zeus
What happened to the men that ate the lotus flowers They ended up wanting to stay & lost all hope of home
What does this episode suggest about a problem Odysseus has with his men? They don’t obey him
Based on Odysseus’s criticism of the cyclops, what can you infer about the kind of society the Greeks valued? An orderly society with laws & rules. They respected soldiers & lived in a community function
When Odysseus & his men enter the cave, where is Polyphemus? Pasturing his sheep
What character flaw does Odysseus reveal by refusing to leave the cyclops’ cave? He was stubborn, arrogant, & a little too confident
What Greek beliefs regarding respect for strangers does Odysseus talk about to the cyclops He says Polyphemus should give them food & gifts because they are strangers
In what way does Odysseus show his craftiness when questioned by the cyclops He comes up with a tricky plan on the spot
Why does Odysseus make the decision to not kill the cyclops when he gets the chance to? The cyclops is the only one who can open the cave door
What heroic qualities does Odysseus show when he plots against the cyclops? Bravery & creativity
What plan does Odysseus have in mind when he offers Polyphemus the wine? To make him drunk
Despite his heroism, what human quality does Odysseus reveal when he’s sailing away from the cyclopse’s island He doesn’t know when to shut up
To whom does Polyphemus pray & for what? To Poseidon for Odysseus to never get home
What does this episode reveal about Odysseus? He makes stupid decisions that affect everyone else
Describe the imagery of the land of the dead Fire & suffering people
Who is Elpenor? What does he ask Odysseus to do? A dead soldier, to bury him properly
Why must Odysseus show great restraint when he sees anticlea? She is his mom & he doesn’t have time to talk to her
Who is the God who thunders on the land & his son Poseidon & Polyphemus
What advice does Tiresias give to Odysseus regarding the suitors in Ithaca To kill them
What warnings are given to Odysseus by Circe Warnings about the Sirens, the Scylla, & the Charybdis
How do the sirens lure the sailors to their death By singing to them
How does Odysseus protect his men from the sirens He puts beeswax in their ears
How does Odysseus react to the sirens voices He wants his men to untie him
When the men grow afraid of smoke & water how does Odysseus lift their spirits He reminds them of how far they’ve come
Why does Odysseus refuse to tell his men that they are heading towards the scylla? They will start to panic
Describe the Scylla & Charybdis Scylla: 6 heads, scaled, rough tentacles, teethCharybdis: whirlpool
Why does Odysseus suffer more after the Scylla attacked than any other attack He lost all of his men

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